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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 12

Assessing Multicomponent Dnapl Biostabilization Potential: Ii: Aroctor 1242 (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Material And Methods , Analytical
Author: Angela R. Bielefeldt      Allison M. Riffel      A Ramaswamy     
page:      1073 - 1079
Managing Petroleum Contaminated Soil: Department Of Transportation Perspective (Article)
Subject: Background , Change In Philosophy , Ex Situ Soil Treatment
Author: Brian Kamnikar     
page:      1080 - 1088
Mass Transfer Of Ozone Semibatch Stirred Reactor (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Material And Methods , Model Development
Author: S. M Wu      Sunsan J. Masten     
page:      1089 - 1099
Dynamic Simulaion Of Landfill Waste Stabilization (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Methodology
Author: S. J Shelley      W.B. Nixon      C.A. Bleckmann     
page:      1100 - 1110
Effects Of Solid Levels And Chemical Additives On Removal Of Solids And Phosphorous In Swine Manure (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Material And Methods , Natural Sedimentation Experiment
Author: Plus M. Ndegwa      Jun Zhu      Ancheng Luo     
page:      1111 - 1115
Activated Carbon For Removing Tetrachloroethylene From Alcohol Solutions (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Material And Methods , Laboratory Batch Studies
Author: Nancy J. Hyden      Micheal C. Brooks      Michel D. Annable     
page:      1116 - 1123
Cr(Vi) Adsorpton Onto Hydrous Concrete Particles From Groundwater (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Material And Methods
Author: Chih-Huang Weng      C. P Huang     
page:      1124 - 1131
Assessment Of Fate Of Manganeses In Oxide-Coated Filtration Systems (Article)
Subject: Introduction And Research Objectives , Background Literature
Author: Adrea C. Hargette      William R. Knocke     
page:      1132 - 1138
Method For Estimating Size-Spectific Particulate Emission Inventories (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Compilation Of Lognormal Size Distribution Parameters
Author: Maria A Economopoulou     
page:      1139 - 1149
1072 (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Biological Stabilization Of Dnapl Contamination , Criteria For Biostabilization , Material And Methods
Author: A Ramaswamy      Peter K. Johansen      Mehmet Isleyen      Angela R. Bielefeldt     
page:      - - 1065