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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 02

Electroremediation Of Contaminated Soils (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Laboratory Studies
Author: Mcmurtry P.     
page:      208 - 219
Use Of Tss In Characterizing The Impact Of Spent Filter Backwash Recyling (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Expermental Investigation
Author: Roberto Cocca      Kenneth H Carlson     
page:      220 - 227
Refuse Decomposition In The Presence And Absence Of Leachate Recircution (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Site Description And Field Monitoring Data
Author: Jaimini Mehta      Morton A Barlaz     
page:      228 - 236
Leachate From Land Disposed Residential Construction Waste (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Material And Methods
Author: Werner Weber      H. I Jang     
page:      237 - 245
Terminal Electron Acceptor Mass Balance: Light Nonaqueous Phase Liquids And Natural Attenuation (Article)
Subject: Background
Author: Scott G Huling      K Pietilaninen     
page:      246 - 252
Removal Of Antibiotics From Surface And Distilled Water In Conventonal Water Treatment Processes (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: C. D Adams      C Wang     
page:      253 - 260
Transformation And Transport Of Vinclozolin From Soil To Air (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: F Valero     
page:      261 - 268
Particulate Dry Deposition And Overall Decositin Velocities Of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: Keshav S Varde      Masanobu Oda      Thomas M Holsen     
page:      269 - 274
Rapid Performance Evaluation And Optimal Sizing Of Dry Cyclone Separators (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: Maria A Economopoulou     
page:      275 - 285
Catalytic Decomposition Of Ozone Gas By A Pd Impregnated Mno2 Catalyst (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: M Kameyama      M Urano     
page:      286 - 292
Effect Of Ph And Gas-Phase Ozone Concentration On The Decolorization Of Common Textile Dyes (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: C. D Adams     
page:      293 - 298
Discussion Of "Vfa Production In Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Of Municipal Sludges" (Article)
Subject: Introduction
Author: S Fothergill      D. S Mavinic     
page:      299 - 300