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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 04

Visualization Of Data Within An Environmental Risk Management Framework (Article)
Subject: Management Framework
Author: Hilary I Inyang     
page:      301 - 302
Equilibirium Model For Cadmium Adsorbtion By Green Algae In A Batch Reactor (Article)
Subject: Cadmium , Heavy Metals , Wastewater Treatment
Author: Zheng Tang     
page:      304 - 312
Applications Of Low-Temperature Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers To Treat Volatile Organic Compounds (Article)
Subject: Temperature , Volatile Organic Chemicals
Author: Hsi-Wen Cheng     
page:      313 - 319
Analytical Model To Quakity Crude Oil Spill Volume In Sandy Layered Aquifers (Article)
Subject: Ground Water Contamination
Author: M.S. Suwaiyan      Mian Mohammed Bashir     
page:      320 - 326
Diffusive Transport Of Permaganate During In Situ Oxidation (Article)
Subject: Oxidation , Soil Pollution , Ground-Water Pollution
Author: Amanda M. Struse      Robert L Siegrist     
page:      327 - 334
Applicability Assessment Of Subcritical Flux Operation In Crossflow Microfiltration With A Concentration Polarization Model (Article)
Subject: Crossflow
Author: S.B Kim     
page:      335 - 340
Predicted And Feild-Measured Resuspension Of Flooded Mine Tailings (Article)
Subject: Tailing , Floods , Suspension , Mines
Author: Ernest K Yanful      George D. Catalano     
page:      341 - 351
Mathematical Modeling As A Tool In Aquatic Ecosystem Management (Article)
Subject: Mathematical Models , Equatic Environment , Ecosystem , Biomass Fuels
Author: Shiromi Karunarathne      Takashi Asaeda     
page:      352 - 359
Effect Of Bostricking Filter Operating Parameters On Chlorobenzenes (Article)
Subject: Parameters , Degraded Behavior , Biomass Benefits
Author: Chantal Seignez      M. T. Abuelma Atti     
page:      360 - 366
Nitrifying Biomass Acclimation To High Ammonia Concentration (Article)
Subject: Biomass , Nitrification , Ammonia
Author: Christain Antileo     
page:      367 - 376
Economics Of Nitrate Losses From Drained Agricultural Land (Article)
Subject: Hydrology , Water Quality Information , Drainage Condition
Author: Alaa-El Sadek      Jan Feyen     
page:      376 - 383
Granulation Enhancement In Anaerbic Sequencing Batch Reactor Operation (Article)
Subject: Sequence Batch Reactor , Anaerobic Processes , Polymer
Author: S.L Ong      J.Y Hu     
page:      387 - 390
Effect Of Dissolved Oxygen On Oxic/Anoxic Lag Of P. Denitrificans (Article)
Subject: Dissolved Oxygen , Nitrates
Author: Keisha Libson      Micheal Mckean     
page:      391 - 394
Review Of Water Chemistry (Article)
Subject: Water Chemistry
Author: M Benjamin     
page:      395 - 395
Review Of Environmental Chemistry (Article)
Subject: Modular
Author: Stan A Napper     
page:      395 - 395
Environmental Engineering And Bioterrorism (Article)
Subject: Environment
Author: Charles N Haas     
page:      397 - 397