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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 05

Standardized Membrane Pore Size Characterization By Polyethylene Glycol Rejection (Article)
Subject: Pore Fluid , Distribution
Author: A. B Cleveland      Thomas F Seacord     
page:      399 - 407
Surface Free Energy Relationships Used To Evaluate Microbial Transport (Article)
Subject: Microbes , Surface Energy
Author: G Chen     
page:      408 - 415
Experiments With A Resin-Pulp Process For Treating Lead-Contaminated Soil (Article)
Subject: Leads To Higher-Efficiency Cooling , Soil Pollution
Author: D.V Griffiths     
page:      416 - 422
Road Construction : Material And Methods (Article)
Subject: Construction Material , Toxicity , Highway Speed
Author: Neil N Eldin     
page:      423 - 430
Numerical Modeling Of Helical Static Mixers For Water Treatment (Article)
Subject: Numerical Model , Water Treatment
Author: Chriss A Jones      F Sotiropoulos     
page:      431 - 440
Particular Backtracking Algorithm For Water Distribution System Analysis (Article)
Subject: Water Distribution System , Algorithm , Water Quality Information
Author: Feng Shang     
page:      441 - 450
Neural Network Prediction Of Air Stripping Kla (Article)
Subject: Neural Network , Air Stripping
Author: R Djebbar      R.M Narbaitz     
page:      451 - 460
Determination Of Source Strength Of Landfill Gas: (Article)
Subject: Numerical Models , Vaporizing Tube
Author: L.A.K. Perera     
page:      461 - 471
Calibration Of A Model For Volatile Organic Compound Mass Removal By Multiphase Extraction (Article)
Subject: Soil Pollution , Contaminants , Abatement And Removal
Author: D.A. Edwards     
page:      472 - .475
Discussions Of "Method For Qualifying Fresh Water Input And Flushing Time In Estuaries (Article)
Subject: Fresh Water
Author: Guo Qizhong     
page:      479 - 479