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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 06

Synthesis, Characterization , And Coagulation Of Polymeric Ferric Sulfate (Article)
Subject: Iron Sulfate , Polymer , Coagulation
Author: Maohong Fan     
page:      483 - 490
Modeling Enhanced In Situ Denitrification In Ground Water (Article)
Subject: Denitrification , Ground Water Contamination , Nitrates , Massachusetts Initives
Author: Marc W. Kilingstad     
page:      491 - 504
Influence Of Supplemental Acetate On Biomediation For Dissolved Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Article)
Subject: Aromatic Hydrocarbon , Biological Treatment
Author: Tatsuji Ebihara      D. P Bishop     
page:      505 - 513
Inactivation Of Crptoporidium Oocytes In A Pilot-Scale Ozone Bubble-Diffuser Conactor. I: Model Development (Article)
Subject: Ozone Inactivation
Author: Seong-Min Kim     
page:      514 - 521
Efffectiveness Of Difeferent Aritificial Neural Network Training Algorithms In Predicting Protozoa Risks In Surface Water (Article)
Subject: Algorithm , Surface Water , Potable Water
Author: B Neelakntan     
page:      533 - 542
Integrated Approach To Determining Postreclamation Coastlines (Article)
Subject: Land Reclamation , Coastal Soils , Models
Author: J Ni     
page:      543 - 551
Harmonized Optimal Postreclamination Coastline For Deep Bay . China (Article)
Subject: China , Land Reclamation , Coastal Soils
Author: H Qin      J Ni     
page:      552 - 561
Case Study Of Aeration Performance Under Changing Process (Article)
Subject: Nitrification , Energy , Oxygen And Growth
Author: R. Tranpour      A.G.L. Borthwick     
page:      562 - 569