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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 07

Effect Of Loading In Soil Slurry-Sequencing Batch Reactors On Biosurfactact Production And Foaming (Article)
Subject: Surface Acoustic Wave , Emulsion , Hydrocarbon Fuels , Foamy Lubricant
Author: Catherine E Cassidy     
page:      575 - 582
Organo-Lllite As A Low Permeability Sorbent To Retard Migration Of Anionic Contaminants (Article)
Subject: Anion Exchange , Surface Active Agent
Author: Z. F. Li      T Konstantopoulos     
page:      583 - 587
Effect Of Electroosmosis On Soil Temperature And Hydraulic Head: Field Observation (Article)
Subject: Head And Volume , Fluid Mechanics
Author: Luonan Chen     
page:      588 - 595
Kinetics Of Nitrate Reduction By Iron At Near Neutral Ph (Article)
Subject: Kinetics Effects , Nitrates , Iron Loss
Author: Yong H. Huang     
page:      604 - 611
Removal Of Heavy Metals From Automotive Wastewater By Sulfide Precipitation (Article)
Subject: Wastewater Reuse , Heavy Metals
Author: B.R. Kim     
page:      612 - 623
Sensitivity Of Watershed Runoff Under Humid Conditions To Potential Climate Variations (Article)
Subject: Watersheds , Humidity
Author: Jozsef Szilagyi      Marc B. Pariange     
page:      635 - 642
Escherichia Coli Removal Efficacy Of A Marchland Upwelling System (Article)
Subject: Wetland , Wastewater Treatment
Author: Robert E. Watson     
page:      643 - 652
General Chemical Equilibirium Model For Stabilized / Solidified Wasted (Article)
Subject: Metals And Alloys
Author: J Park     
page:      653 - 661
Treatment Of Leachate By Aged-Refuse-Based Biofilter (Article)
Subject: Landfills
Author: Zhao Youcal     
page:      662 - 668