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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 08

Regmoval Of Contaminations From Underground Spaces By Induced Ventilatin (Article)
Subject: Abatement And Removal , Contaminants , Ventilation Hazards
Author: G. Ziskind     
page:      673 - 688
Ozonation Of Spent Reactive Dye-Baths: Effect Of Hco3/Co23-Alkalinity (Article)
Subject: Ozonizaition , Dyes & Chemicals
Author: Idil Arsalan Alaton     
page:      689 - 696
Electrocchemical Disinfection Of Saline Wastewater Effluent (Article)
Subject: Chlorination
Author: X.R Li     
page:      697 - 704
Evaluation Of Electrokinetics Removal Of Heavy Metals From Tailing Soils (Article)
Subject: Abatement And Removal , Heavy Metals
Author: S Kim     
page:      705 - 715
Removal Of Nickel (Ii) From Dilute Aqueous Solution By Sludge-Ash (Article)
Subject: Abatement And Removal , Absorption , Ashes
Author: Chun-Jan Weng     
page:      716 - 722
Mercury Geochemistry In Wetland And Its Implications For In Situ Remediation (Article)
Subject: Mercury , Wetland
Author: D. I Kaplan      R. C Knox     
page:      723 - 732
Photocatalytic Removal Of Hg From Solid Wates Of Chlor-Alkali Plant (Article)
Subject: Abatement And Removal , Solid Wastes , Mercury
Author: Juan Bussi      Mauricio Ohanian     
page:      733 - 739
Using Complex Permittivity And Artificial Neural Networks For Contaminant Prediction (Article)
Subject: Neural Networks , Nondestructive Tests , Waste Quality
Author: John B. Lindsay     
page:      740 - 747
Assessing Parameter Identifiability Of Activated Sludge Model Number 1 (Article)
Subject: Activated Sludge , Parameters
Author: Pedro Afonso     
page:      748 - 754
Effects Of Pretreatments On Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion (Article)
Subject: Refineries , Sludge Digestion , Alkalinity
Author: Y Kim      M. K. Kwak     
page:      755 - 763
Discussion Of ' Review Of Two Decades Of Experience With Tf/Sc Process ' (Article)
Subject: Tf/Sc Process
Author: A.P Parker     
page:      764 - 765
Aerated Solids Contact Chamber Step In Trickling Filter/Solids Contact Process (Article)
Subject: Tf/Sc Process
Author: M.G Parker     
page:      765 - 766