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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2002 Volume number : 128 Issue: 12

Effect Of Organic Shock Load On Te Stability Of An Anaerobic Migrating Blanket Reactor (Article)
Subject: Anaerobic Processes
Author: L.T. Angenent     
page:      1109 - 1120
Effects Of Surfactant Addition On Dewatering Of Alum Sludges (Article)
Subject: Surface-Active Agents , Sludge Digestion
Author: C Huang     
page:      1121 - 1127
Mathematical Modeling Of Encapsulated Buffer Performance In Sand Columns (Article)
Subject: Mathematical Model
Author: X. Liu     
page:      1128 - 1138
Laser Imagery Technique For Measuring Dispersed Droplets In Water (Article)
Subject: Imaging Technique
Author: W.A. Yao     
page:      1139 - 1157
Prediction Of Pollutant Levels In Causeway Bay Area Of Hong Kong Using An Improved Neural Network Model (Article)
Subject: Air Poloution
Author: Bingheng Lu     
page:      1146 - 1157
Modeling Zebra Mussel Impacts Onwater Quality Of Seneca River (Article)
Subject: Models
Author: Raymond P Canale     
page:      1158 - 1168
Enhancement Of Elctric Arc Furnace Dust By Recycling To Electric Arc Furnace (Article)
Subject: Dust-Gas
Author: Fabian Lopez     
page:      1169 - 1174
Injection Nozzle For Ultraviolet Light-Enhanced H2o2 Oxidation Of Air Pollutants In Flue Gas (Article)
Subject: Oxidation
Author: L. N Cooper     
page:      1175 - 1181
Discussion Of "Gas Liquid Mass Transfer Along Small Sewer Reaches" (Article)
Subject: Hydraulic
Author: Slawomir Koziel     
page:      1188 - 1192
Characteristics Of Chlorine And Carbon Flow In Two Municiple Waste Incinerators In Taiwan (Article)
Subject: Chlorides
Author: C-J Chang     
page:      182 - 1187