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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 01

Preliminary Evaluation Of Microbially Mediated Preciption Of Cadmium Chromium, And Nickel (Article)
Subject: Heavy Metals
Author: C.-H. Chen     
page:      04 - 09
Reduction Of Nitrate, Bromate, And Chlorate By Zero Valent Iron (Feo) (Article)
Subject: Nitrates
Author: Michael L Westendorf     
page:      10 - 16
Reduction Of Fulvic Acid In Drinking Water By Ferrate (Article)
Subject: Ferrates , Oxidation , Coagulation
Author: J Qu     
page:      17 - 24
Modelling Formation Of Natural Organic Matter Fouling Layers On Ultrafilation Membranes (Article)
Subject: Fouling , Organic
Author: C-J Chang     
page:      25 - 32
Modeling Uncoupled Solute Transport In Natural Organic Matter Size Fractionation By Ultrafiltration (Article)
Subject: Uncoupled Solute
Author: Christopher J. Tadanier     
page:      33 - 42
Nitrogen Removal Using Combined Ultracompact Biofilm Reactor-Packed Bed System (Article)
Subject: Nitrogen
Author: S.L Ong      J. -S. Lee     
page:      43 - 51
Oxidation Reduction Potential As A Monitoring Tool In A Low Dissolved Oxygen Wastewater (Article)
Subject: Nutrients , Waste
Author: W. T Holman     
page:      52 - 28
Numerical Simulation Of Rain Scavenging On Large Release Of Water-Soluble Gases (Article)
Subject: Numerical Model
Author: W Zheng     
page:      59 - 67
Hybrid Approach Addressing Uncertainty In Risk Assessments (Article)
Subject: Analysis , Uncertainity
Author: Dominique Guyonnet     
page:      68 - 78
Hybrid Fuzzy-Stochastic Modeling Approach For Assessing Environmental Risks At Contaminated Groundwater Systems (Article)
Subject: Hybrid Methods , Fuzzy Sets
Author: Z Chen     
page:      79 - 88
Arsenic Removal From Grounwater By Iron Impregnated Sand (Article)
Subject: Arsenic
Author: S Chandra     
page:      89 - 92
Discussion Of "Rotating-Perforated-Tubes Biofilm Reactor For High - Strength Waste-Water Treatment" (Article)
Subject: Reactors
Author: Fikret Kargi     
page:      93 - 96