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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 02

Integratred Modeling Of Anearobic Fluidized Bed Bioreactor For Deicing Waste Treatment I: Model Derivation (Article)
Subject: Mathematical Model
Author: Jul-Ki Seok     
page:      100 - 109
Integrated Modeling Of Anaerobic Fluidized Bed Bioreactor For Deicing Waste Treatment. Ii: Simulation And Experimrnt Studies (Article)
Subject: Mathematical Model
Author: Jul-Ki Seok     
page:      110 - 122
Propylene Glycol Deicrer Biodegradation Kinetics: Anaerobic Complete-Mix Stirred Tank Reactors, Filter, And Fluidizedbed (Article)
Subject: Fluidized Beds
Author: Daniel Harris Zitomer     
page:      123 - 129
Nitrification In Pure Oxygen Activated Sludge Systems (Article)
Subject: Nitrification
Author: Charles R Sears     
page:      130 - 135
Modeling Tetrachloroethylene Decomposition In Photosonolysis Reactor (Article)
Subject: Mathematical Model
Author: M Sato     
page:      136 - 146
Modeling Pd-Catalyzed Destruction Of Chlorinated Ethenes In Groundwater (Article)
Subject: Ground-Water Pollution
Author: Chris M Stoppei     
page:      147 - 154
One-Step Ambient Temperature Ferrite Process For Treatment Of Acid Mine Drainage Waters (Article)
Subject: Oxidation , Acid Rain
Author: M. R Morgan     
page:      155 - 161
Probabilistic Nonroad Mobile Source Emission Factors (Article)
Subject: Uncertainty
Author: Douglas Frey     
page:      162 - 168
Sentivity Analysis And Camparative Performance Of Outfalls With Single Buoyant Plumes (Article)
Subject: Sensitivity Analysis
Author: Maria A Economopoulou     
page:      169 - 178
Sustainability Indices Of Thermal Electrical Power Production In Greece (Article)
Subject: Environmental Issue
Author: Ioannis Tsolas     
page:      179 - 182
Atmospheric Oxygen Transfer During In Situ Oxygen Uptake Rate Measurements (Article)
Subject: Cisterns
Author: Manuels Quintela     
page:      183 - 186
Discussion Of "Oxygen Tranfer At Low Drop Weirs" (Article)
Subject: Oxygen And Growth
Author: Jeongkon Kim     
page:      187 - 188