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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 03

Electrochemical Reduction Of 2,4-Dinitrotoluene In A Continous Flow Laboratory Scale Reactor (Article)
Subject: Electrochemical Charge
Author: Rajesh B. Doppalapudi      George A. Sorial     
page:      192 - 201
Airborne Bacteria Control Under Chamber And Test-Home Conditions (Article)
Subject: Bacteria Control
Author: Meng-Hui Lai      Demetrios J Moschandreas     
page:      202 - 208
Standadization Of Methods For Flence (Uv Dose) Determination In Bench-Scale Uv Experiments (Article)
Subject: Electrochemical
Author: James R. Bolton      Karl G Linden     
page:      209 - 215
Comparative Study Of Two Bioassays For Aaplications In Influent Wastewater Toxicity Monitoring (Article)
Subject: Application
Author: S. Ren      P.D. Frymier     
page:      216 - 221
Sphere Drag And Settling Velocity Revisited (Article)
Subject: Velocity
Author: Phillip P. Brown      Desmond F. Lawler     
page:      222 - 231
Field And Laboratory Of The Impact Of Tall Fescue On Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon Degradation In An Aged Creosote-Contaminated Surface Soil (Article)
Subject: Evaluate
Author: Sandra L. Robinson      John T Novak     
page:      232 - 240
Investigation Of Cadmium Desorption From Different-Sized Sediments (Article)
Subject: Cad
Author: Sui Liang Huang     
page:      241 - 247
Natural Stabilization Of Stored Industrial Sludges (Article)
Subject: Stabilization
Author: Hazim Tugun      Raymond C. Loehr     
page:      248 - 257
Thermal Treatment For Incinerator Ash: Evaporation And Leaching Rates Of Metals (Article)
Subject: Thermal Treatment , Evaporation
Author: Z. Liu      Ming-Yen Wey     
page:      258 - 266
Stabilization Of Electrical Arc Furnace Dust With Low - Grade Mgo Prior To Landfill (Article)
Subject: Electrical Calibration
Author: Ana I. Fernandez     
page:      275 - 279
Uncertinity Of Weekly Nitrate-Nitrogen Forecasts Using Artificial Neural Networks (Article)
Subject: Artificial Neural Networks
Author: Momcilo Markus      Christina W-S Tsai      Misganaw Demissie     
page:      567 - 274