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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 04

Influence Of Cod:N: P Ration On Nitrogen And Phosphorous Removal In Fixed - Bed Filter (Article)
Subject: Phosphorus , Abatement And Removal
Author: Joo Hwa Tay     
page:      285 - 290
Excess Sludge Production In Membrane Bioreactors: A Theoretical Investigation (Article)
Subject: Sludge
Author: Chaun-Hong Xing     
page:      291 - 297
"First Flush," Power Law And Particle Separation Diagrams For Urban Storm-Water Suspended Particulates (Article)
Subject: Storm-Water Management
Author: Chad M. Christina     
page:      298 - 307
Modeling Storm Water Mass Emissions To The Southern California Bight (Article)
Subject: Storm-Water Management
Author: Chad M. Cristina     
page:      308 - 317
Eutrophicatuin And Pathogen Abatement In The San Juan Bay Estuary (Article)
Subject: Puerto Rico
Author: Carl F Cerco      Barry Bunch     
page:      318 - 327
Toxity Estimation Of Phenolic Compound By Bioluminescent Bacterium (Article)
Subject: Toxicity
Author: S. Ren     
page:      328 - 335
Effect Of Soil Typeon Electrokinetic Removal Of Phenanthrene Using Surfactants And Cosolvents (Article)
Subject: Electrokinetics
Author: Krishan R Reddy      Richard E. Saichek     
page:      336 - 346
Complex Dielectric Permittivity Of Soil-Organic Mixtures (20 Mhz-1.3 Gghz) (Article)
Subject: Organic Matter , Soil Pollution
Author: Franco Francisca     
page:      347 - 357
Determination Of Optimum Ingredients For Phosphogypsum Composite Stability Under Marine Conditions-Response Surface Analysis With Process Variables (Article)
Subject: Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell
Author: Tingzong Guo     
page:      358 - 367
Solidification/ Stabilization Of Hazardous Wastes Containing Metals And Organic Contaminants (Article)
Author: Olcay Yilmaz      Olcay Unlu     
page:      - - -