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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 05

Four-Substrate Design Model For Single Sludge Predenitrification System (Article)
Subject: Activated Sludge
Author: G. Esposito     
page:      394 - 401
Modeling And Control Of Oxygen Transfer In High Purity Oxygen Activated Sludge Process (Article)
Subject: Activated Sludge , Aeration
Author: Chwen-Jeng Tzeng     
page:      402 - 411
Secondary Benefits Of Aquifer Storage And Recovery: Disinfection By-Product Control (Article)
Subject: Disinfection Practices , Potable Water
Author: James P. Mcquarrine     
page:      412 - 418
Chemical Control Of Struvite Precipitation (Article)
Subject: Fouting , Chemicals
Author: Chwen-Jeng Tzeng      Kath Oldring     
page:      419 - 426
Fractionation And Segregation Of Suspended Particles Using Acoustic And Flow Fields (Article)
Subject: Standing Waves
Author: N. Aboobaker      J.N. Meegoda     
page:      427 - 434
Carbonation Of Municipal Solid Waste Inclineration Fly Ash And Impact On Metal Mobility (Article)
Subject: Fly Ash , Stabilization , Carbonation Process
Author: Holger Ecke      Nourreddine Menad     
page:      435 - 440
Mercury -Contaminated Soil Remediation By Iodide And Electroreclamation (Article)
Subject: Mercury , Soil Pollution , Remedial Action
Author: Pascal Suer     
page:      441 - 446
Periodic Diffusional Mass Transfer Near Sediment/Water Interface : Theory (Article)
Subject: Diffusion , Mass Transfer
Author: Makoto Higashino      Heinz G. Stefan     
page:      447 - 455
Effects Of Stormwater Infiltration On Quality Of Groundwater Beneath Retention And Detention Basins (Article)
Subject: Storm Water Management
Author: David Fischer     
page:      454 - 471
Parameter Estimation Of The Transint Storage Model For Stream-Subsurface Exchange (Article)
Subject: Models , Subsurface Environment
Author: Andrea Marion      Mattia Zaramella      Aaron Packman     
page:      456 - 463
Hydrofl Uoric Acid Recovery For Waste Semiconductor Aciod Solution By Ion Exchange (Article)
Subject: Acids , Ion Exchange Plant
Author: Sheng H. Lin     
page:      472 - 478