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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 06

Removal Of Metals And Radionuclides Using Apatite And Other Natural Sorbents (Article)
Subject: Wastewater Treatment , Phosphate
Author: Christy L Smith      Bruce M Thomson     
page:      492 - 499
Effects Of Humic Materials On Photodegradation Of Chlorinated Aromatic Dye In Surfactant Solution (Article)
Subject: Dyes , Solutions
Author: C W Ma     
page:      500 - 505
Sodium Inhibition Of Thermophilic Methanogens (Article)
Subject: Chemical Oxygen Demand , Sodium
Author: Shihwu Sung      Sun-Kee Chen     
page:      506 - 512
Bacterial Leaching Of Metals From Tannery Sludge By Indigenous Sulphur-Oxidizing Bacteria-Effect Of Sludge Solids Concentration (Article)
Subject: Bacteria , Leaching
Author: S B Shen      R D Tyagi     
page:      513 - 519
Evaluation Of Solid Waste Management System Using Fuzzy Composition (Article)
Subject: Solid Waste Management , Fuzzy Sets
Author: Keisuke Hanaki      Seongwon Seo     
page:      520 - 531
Leaching Behavior Of Lead, Chromium (Iii), And Zinc In Cement/Metal Oxides Systems (Article)
Subject: Metals , Lead
Author: Emilio Chacon      Angel Lrabien     
page:      532 - 538
Dispersion Coefficient Of Streams From Tracer Experiment Data (Article)
Subject: Routing , Streams
Author: Sushil Singh      M B Beck     
page:      539 - 546
Sources Of Fecal Pollution In Virginia'S Blackwater River (Article)
Subject: Water Pollution , Pollution
Author: Amy M Booth      Karen Mentz     
page:      547 - 552
Hydraulic Analysis Of Orlando Easterly Wetland (Article)
Subject: Wetland , Performance
Author: William R Wise      Christopher J Martinez     
page:      553 - 560