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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 08

Field Measurements And Modeling Of Two-Stage Biofilter That Treats Odorous Sulfur Air Esissiona (Article)
Subject: Filters , Measurement
Author: Hebi Li James R.     
page:      684 - 692
Lead Removal From Acidic Solutions By Sorption On Cocoa Shells: Effect Of Some Parameters (Article)
Subject: Lead Selenide
Author: F Meunier     
page:      693 - 698
Development Of Optimal Poly-Alumino-Iron Sulphate Coagulant (Article)
Subject: Water Treatment
Author: J. Jiang     
page:      699 - 708
Adsorption Of Negatively Charged Azo Dyes Onto Surfactant -Modified Sepiolite (Article)
Subject: Absorbing Media
Author: Bulent Armagan     
page:      709 - 715
Amphoteric Effects Of Humic Acids Surfactant -Aided Photolysis Of Poly Chlorobiphenyls (Article)
Subject: Acid Rain
Author: V.H. Chu     
page:      716 - 722
Biogeochemical Evaluation Of Mechanisms Controlling Caco3 (S) Precipitation In Landfill Leachate-Collection Systems (Article)
Subject: Calcium Aluminate Ceramics
Author: Bruce E. Rittmann     
page:      723 - 730
Modeling Nitrogen Transport In Duckweed Pond For Secondary Treatment Of Swoine Wastewater (Article)
Subject: Pond Ash Concrete
Author: Sumate Chaiprapat     
page:      731 - 739
Investigation Of Fluorescent Dyes As Partioning Tracers For Subsurface Nonaqueous Phase Liquid (Napl) Characterization (Article)
Subject: Groundwater
Author: R Ghanem     
page:      740 - 744
Noequilibirium Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Mass Transfer Model For Soil Vapor Extraction Systems (Article)
Subject: Soil Erosion
Author: B. M Harper     
page:      745 - 754
Modeling The Effect Of Water Diversion On The Temperature Of Mountain Streams (Article)
Subject: Mountain Stream
Author: John R Meier     
page:      755 - 764
Data Requirement For Load Estimation In Well-Mixed Tidal Channels (Article)
Subject: Loads
Author: V.H. Chu     
page:      765 - 774
Standardized Collimated Beam Testing Protocol For Water/Wastewater Disinfection (Article)
Subject: Disinfection Practices
Author: Jeff Kuo     
page:      774 - 779