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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 09

Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Pool Dissolution As A Function Of Average Pore Water Velocity (Article)
Subject: Nonaqueous Phase Liquids , Pools , Mass Transfer
Author: Eric A Seagren     
page:      786 - 799
Plasma-Assisted Process For Removing No/Nox From Gas Streams With C2h4 As Additive (Article)
Subject: Vapor , Abatement And Removal , Air Poloution
Author: How Ming Lee      Moo Been Chang     
page:      800 - 810
Influence Of Different Cleaning Conditions On Cleaning Performance Of Pilot-Scale Pulse-Jet Baghouse (Article)
Subject: Emission Control , Boilers , Pressures
Author: Hsin-Chung Lu     
page:      811 - 818
Removal Of Mercury From Low-Concentration Aqueous Streams Using Chemical Reduction And Air Stripping (Article)
Subject: Mercury , Abatement And Removal , Streams
Author: Brian B Looney      M Asce     
page:      819 - 825
Combined System For Biological Removal Of Nitrogen And Carbon From A Fish Cannery Wastewater (Article)
Subject: Carbon , Nitrogen
Author: A.Mosquera Corral     
page:      826 - 833
Modeling Approach To Periphyton And Nutrient Interaction In A Stream (Article)
Subject: Algae , Ecosystems , Mathematical Models
Author: Duong Hong Son     
page:      834 - 843
Modeling And Control Of Vinyl Chloride In Drinking Water Distribution Systems (Article)
Subject: Potable Water , Water Distribution , Polyvinyl Chloride
Author: Michael Beardsley     
page:      844 - 851
Bacteriophages Ms2 And Prd1 In Turfgrass By Subsurface Drip Irrigation (Article)
Subject: Vegetation , Contamination , Trickle Irrigation
Author: Carios Enriquez      Absar Alum     
page:      852 - 857
Integrated Subsurface Modeling And Risk Assessment Of Petroleum-Contaminated Sites In Western Canada (Article)
Subject: Canada , Ground-Water Pollution , Petroleum
Author: Z Chen      G.H Huang     
page:      858 - 872
Estimation Of Operation Time For Soil Vapor Extraction Systems (Article)
Subject: Soil Gas , Volatile Organic Chemicals , Soil Treament
Author: David L Barnes     
page:      873 - 878
Comparison Of Bacterial Bioluminescence With Activated Sludge Oxygen Uptake Rates During Zinc Toxic Shock Loads In A Wastewater Treatment System (Article)
Subject: Activated Sludge , Toxicity , Wastewater Treatments
Author: C.A Lajoie     
page:      879 - 882