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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 10

Use Of Residential Construction Waste And Residues From Red Ceramic Industry In Alternative Mortars (Article)
Subject: Recyling , Mortars , Construction Material
Author: L.V Amorim     
page:      016 - 920
Framework For Recycling Of Wastes In Construction (Article)
Subject: Recycling , Leachates , Construction Material , Waste Management
Author: Hilary I Inyang     
page:      887 - 898
By-Products In Earth Construction: Environmental Assessments (Article)
Subject: Recycling , Earthwork , Finland , Environmental Issue
Author: Jaana Sorvari     
page:      899 - 909
Use Of Waste Materials For Control Of Acid Mine Drainage And Subsidence (Article)
Subject: Recycling , Backfills , Fly Ash
Author: Hema J Siriwardane     
page:      910 - 915
Physical And Chemical Properties Of Recycled Tire Shreds For Use In Construction (Article)
Subject: Recycling , Leachates , Construction Material
Author: Horace Moo Young     
page:      921 - 929
Relating Batch And Column Diffusion Coefficients For Leachable Contaminants In Particulate Waste Materials (Article)
Subject: Leachates , Diffusion Coefficient
Author: Vincent O Ogunro     
page:      930 - 942
Mechanical Stabilization Of Cemented Soil-Fly Ash Mixtures With Recycled Plastic Strips (Article)
Subject: Stabilization , Fly Ash , Recycling , Mechanical Properties
Author: Khaled Sobhan     
page:      943 - 947
Effects Of Kiln Ash On The Compressibility Of Residual Lateritic Soils (Article)
Subject: Recycling , Ashes , Soil Compressibility
Author: T.C.De Brito Galvao     
page:      948 - 951
Engineering Properties Of Fiber Reinforced Cold Asphalt Mixes (Article)
Subject: Mixture , Triaxial Tests
Author: Benedito De S Bueno     
page:      952 - 955
Influence Of Portland Cement Type On Unconfined Compressive Strength And Linear Expansion Of Cement-Stabilized Phosphogypsum (Article)
Subject: Portland Cement , Industrial Wastes , Pavements
Author: A.B Parreira     
page:      956 - 960