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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2003 Volume number : 129 Issue: 12

Thermal Behavior Of Activated Carbon Cloths Heated By Joule Effect (Article)
Subject: Activated Carbon , Heating
Author: Pierre Le Cloirec      Albert Subrenat     
page:      1077 - 1084
Regional Analysis Of Nonmethane Volatile Organic Compounds In The Lower Troposphere Of The Southeast United States (Article)
Subject: United States , Air Pollution
Author: Mita Das      Viney P Aneja     
page:      1085 - 1103
Anaerobic Treatment Of High Sulfate Wastewater With Oxygenation To Control Sulfide Toxicity (Article)
Subject: Wastewater Treatment , Sulfates
Author: Samir Kumar Khanal      Ju-Chang Huang     
page:      1104 - 1111
Use Of An Anaerobic Sludge Digestion Process To Treat Pentachlorophenol-Pcp- Contaminated Soil (Article)
Subject: Soil Treatment , Sludge Digestion
Author: Shyi-Tien Chen      P M Berthouex     
page:      1112 - 1119
Instability Of Hydrocarbon Films Over Mineral Surfaces Microscale Experimental Studies (Article)
Subject: Mineral Deposits , Biofilm
Author: Franco M Francisca      Victor A Rinaldi     
page:      1120 - 1128
Wind And Stream Flow Induced Reaeration (Article)
Subject: Wind Velocity , River Flow
Author: Chia R Chu      Gerhard H Jirka     
page:      1129 - 1136
Lodide-Enhanced Electrokinetic Remediation Of Mercury-Contaminated Soils (Article)
Subject: Soil Pollution , Soil Treatment
Author: Krishna R Reddy      Richard E Saichek     
page:      1137 - 1148
Modeling Temperature Effects On Decomposition (Article)
Subject: Solid Wastes , Temperature
Author: Cesar Valenzuela Solano      David M Crohn     
page:      1149 - 1156
Measurement Of Evaporation On Bare Soil And Estimating Surface Resistance (Article)
Subject: Measurement , Soil Water
Author: Kunio Watanabe      Shriyangi Aluwihare     
page:      1157 - 1168
Technical Note: Counterflow Method For Measurement Of Henry'S Law Constants (Article)
Subject: Water Treatment
Author: Julie P Caires      Michiya Suzuki     
page:      1169 - 1175