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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2004 Volume number : 130 Issue: 01

Packed Column And Hollow Fiber Air Stripping Of A Contaminant -Surfactant Stream (Article)
Subject: Hollow Tubes With Projections
Author: Jeffrey H Harwell      David A Sabatini     
page:      04 - 11
Microfiltration Of A Dental Wastewater For Hg Removal: Clinic Demonstration (Article)
Subject: Wastewater Reuse
Author: Brian Reed      Jennifer Bagby     
page:      12 - 16
Dense Medium Plasma-Plasma-Enhanced Decontamination Of Water Of Aromatic Compounds (Article)
Subject: Water Treatment , Pollutants
Author: Sorin Manolache     
page:      17 - 25
Performance Of A Biofilm Airlift Suspension Reactor For Synthetic Wastewater Treatment (Article)
Subject: Biofilms On Turbulent. , Wastewater Treatment
Author: H Lin      W. F Ng     
page:      26 - 36
Effects Of Viscous Properties On The Shear Yielding Characteristics Of Sand (Article)
Subject: Consitutive Models For Concrete , Deformation , Sand
Author: Hasbullah Nawir      Fumio Tatsuoka     
page:      33 - 50
Computational Study Of Particle-Eddy Interaction In Sedimentation Tanks (Article)
Subject: Sedimentation , Hydraulic
Author: S. Jayanti      S Narayanan     
page:      37 - 49
Sedimentation Of Oil-Mineral Aggregates For Remediation Of Vegetable Oil Spills (Article)
Subject: Sedimentation , Oil Splits
Author: Demian E. Wincele      Brian A. Wrenn     
page:      50 - 58
Development Of A New Cone Penetrometer And Its Application To Great Depths Of Pleistocene Clays (Article)
Subject: Cone Penetration Test
Author: H Tanaka      Masanori Tanaka     
page:      51 - 61
Collection Conduits Including Subsurface Drains (Article)
Subject: Dimensional Analysis
Author: David S. Graber     
page:      57 - 80
Chelating Agent-Enhanced Heavy Metal Extraction From A Contaminated Acidic Soil (Article)
Subject: Acids
Author: Teik-Thye Lim     
page:      59 - 66
Stress-Strain Behavior Of Compacted Sandy Material Under Cyclic Simple Shear (Article)
Subject: Constitutive Equation Of Soil
Author: Masoud Mohajeri     
page:      75 - 89
Environmental Impact Of Solid Waste Treatment Methods In Korea (Article)
Subject: Environmental
Author: Seongwon Seo     
page:      81 - 89
Membrane Fouling Test: Apparatus Evaluation (Article)
Subject: Fouling
Author: O Jimenez     
page:      91 - 99