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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2004 Volume number : 130 Issue: 03

Modeling Volatile Organic Compound Sorption In Activated Carbon 1 Dynamics And Single Component Equilibrium (Article)
Subject: Activated Carbon , Filters , Mass Transfer
Author: Mehrdad Lordgooei      Mi-Sug Kim     
page:      212 - 222
Modeling Volatile Organic Compound Sorption In Activated Carbon 2 Multicomponent Equilibrium (Article)
Subject: Activated Carbon , Equilibrium , Sorption
Author: Mehrdad Lordgooei      Mi-Sug Kim     
page:      223 - 230
Equilibrium Adsorption Of Phenol, Tire And Coal Derived Activated Carbons For Organic Vapors (Article)
Subject: Coal , Adsorption , Activated Carbon
Author: David Ramirez      Mark J Rood      K. James Hay     
page:      231 - 241
Electrothermal Desorption Using Joule Effect On An Activated Carbon Monolith (Article)
Subject: Regeneration , Activated Carbon , Adsorption
Author: Feng Dong Yu      Ling Ai Luo      Georges Grevillot     
page:      242 - 248
Adsorption Onto Activated Carbon Cloths And Electrothermal Regeneration Its Potential Industrial Applications (Article)
Subject: Regeneration , Adsorption , Air Pollution
Author: A Subrenat      P Le Cloirec     
page:      249 - 257
Capture Of Organic Vapors Using Adsorption And Electrothermal Regeneration (Article)
Subject: Adsorption , Air Pollution , Regeneration
Author: Patrick D Sullivan      Mark J Rood      K. James Hay     
page:      258 - 267
Organic Vapor Recovery And Energy Efficiency During Electric Regeneration Of An Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth Adsorber (Article)
Subject: Adsorption , Regeneration , Air Pollution
Author: Patrick D Sullivan      K. James Hay      Mark J Rood     
page:      268 - 275
Control Of Vaporous Naphthalene By Scrubbing With Surfactants (Article)
Subject: Air Pollution , Adsorption , Hydrocarbons
Author: Chih-Cheng Wu      Whei-May Grace Lee     
page:      276 - 281
Removal Of A Volatile Organic Compound In A Hybrid Rotating Drum Biofilter (Article)
Subject: Activated Sludge , Biomass , Biological Treatment
Author: Chunping Yang      Byung J Kim      Makram T. Suidan     
page:      282 - 291
Influence Of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate And Tween 20 On Fungal Growth And Toluene Degradation In A Vapor Phase Bioreactor (Article)
Subject: Air Pollution , Biological Treatment , Volatile Organic Chemicals
Author: Jennifer R Woertz      Kerry A Kinney     
page:      292 - 299
Comparison Of Continuous And Sequencing Batch Operated Biofilters For Treatment Of Gas Phase Methyl Ethyl Ketone (Article)
Subject: Biological Treatment , Industrial Wastes , Contaminants
Author: William M Moe      Conga Li     
page:      300 - 313
Optimization Of Bioscrubber Performances Experimental And Modeling Approaches (Article)
Subject: Absorption , Biological Treatment , Air Pollution
Author: Philippe Humeau      Pierre Le Cloirec      Pascaline Pre     
page:      314 - 321
Behavior Of Field Scale Biotrickling Filter Under Nonsteady State Conditions (Article)
Subject: Air Pollution , Filters , Biological Treatment
Author: Duk-Soo Choi      Marc A Deshusses      Joseph S Devinny     
page:      322 - 328
Catalytic Oxidation Of Volatile Organic Liquids (Article)
Subject: Oxidation , Temperature Effects , Volatile Organic Chemicals
Author: Shane E Roark      Joseph D Wander      James H White     
page:      329 - 337
Microwave Technology For Treatment Of Fume Hood Exhaust (Article)
Subject: Air Pollution , Activated Carbon , Microwaves
Author: Chang Yul Cha      Stuart Wallace      Scott Rogers     
page:      338 - 348
Destruction Of 1,1,1 Trichloroethane Using Dielectric Barrier Discharge Nonthermal Plasma (Article)
Subject: Air Pollution , Volatile Organic Chemicals , Research
Author: Sandeep Agnihotri      Mark P. Cal      Justin Prien     
page:      349 - 355
Oxidation Of Toluene In Waste Gas Streams Using Mesoporous Ti Hexagonal Mesoporous Silica (Article)
Subject: Oxidation , Industrial Wastes , Titanium
Author: T Williams      J Beltramini      G. Q. Lu     
page:      356 - 359