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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2004 Volume number : 130 Issue: 05

Long-Term Solidification/Stabilization And Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure For An Electric Arc Furnace Dust (Article)
Subject: Stabilization , Solidification
Author: R. W Fuessle     
page:      492 - 498
Assessment Of Fossil Fly Ash Formulations Of Hazardous Wastes (Article)
Subject: Fossil Fuels Continue Strong
Author: M.W.Abdel Raouf     
page:      499 - 507
Mining Of Existing Data For Cement-Solidified Wastes Using Neural Networks (Article)
Subject: Cement Paste
Author: Julia A Stegemann      N.R. Buenfeld     
page:      508 - 515
Pilot Study Of Simultaneous Sewage Sludge Digestion And Metal Leaching (Article)
Subject: Sewage Sludge
Author: Jean-Francois Biais     
page:      516 - 525
Global Predictive Real-Time Control Of Sewers Allowing Surcharged Flow (Article)
Subject: Combined Sewer Overflow
Author: Sopie Duchesne     
page:      526 - 534
Hydrodynamic Tracking Of The Massive Spring 1998 Red Tide In Hong Kong (Article)
Subject: Hong Kong , Coastal Management
Author: Jose Lee     
page:      535 - 550
Hydraulic Study On The Onset Of Hypoxia In The Tone River Estuary (Article)
Subject: Oxygen Demand
Author: T Ishikawa      T Suzuki     
page:      551 - 561
Impact Reaction Conditions On Mn2 Genesis During Permanganate Oxidation (Article)
Subject: Oxidation
Author: Michelle Crimi     
page:      562 - 572
Sorption Behavior And Long-Term Retention Of Reactive Solutes In The Hyporheic Zone Of Streams (Article)
Subject: Sorption
Author: Kerin Jonsson     
page:      573 - 583