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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2004 Volume number : 130 Issue: 06

Biological Assessment And Chriteria Improve Total Maximium Daily Load Desicion Making (Article)
Subject: Water Quality , Decision Making
Author: James Karr      Chris O. Yoder     
page:      594 - 604
Confounding Effect Of Flow On Estuarine Response To Nitogen Loading (Article)
Subject: Eutrophication
Author: Mark E. Borsuk     
page:      605 - 614
Role Of Fluet Permit Trading In Total Maximium Daily Load Programs: Overview And Uncertainity And Reliabvility Implications (Article)
Subject: Streams Quickly , Stream Quickly
Author: J.Wayland Eheart      Tze Ling Ng     
page:      615 - 621
Environmental Index For Assessing Spatial Bias In Watershed Sampling Networks (Article)
Subject: Water Quality , Water Sampling
Author: Alison C. Simcox      Ray Whittemore     
page:      622 - 630
Managing For Water Clarity In Chesapeake Bay (Article)
Subject: Chesapeake Bay
Author: Carl F Cerco      Mark R. Neol     
page:      631 - 642
Importance Of Field Data In Stream Waterquality Modeling Using Qual2e-Uncas (Article)
Subject: Water Quality , Streams Quickly
Author: Thomas O. Barnwell Jr.      Linfield C. Brown     
page:      643 - 647
Methodology For Analyzing Ranges Of Uncertain Model Paramters And Impact On Total Maximium Daily Load Process (Article)
Subject: Modal Analysis , Parameters
Author: Jenneifer Benaman      A. Christine     
page:      648 - 656
Improving Total Maximium Daily Loads With Lessons Learned From Long-Term Detailed Monitoring (Article)
Subject: Monitoring , Water Pollution
Author: Peter P. Richards     
page:      657 - 663
Applying The First-Order Error Analysis In Determining The Margin Of Safety For Total Maximium Daily Load Computations (Article)
Subject: Water Quality , Water
Author: Harry X. Zhang     
page:      664 - 673
Simplified Databased Total Maximium Daily Loads, Or The World Log-Normal (Article)
Subject: Water Pollution , Statistical Modeling
Author: Vladimir Novotny     
page:      674 - 683
History Of Innovative Best Management Practice Development And Its Role In Addressing Water Quality Lmited Waterbodies (Article)
Subject: Best Management Practice
Author: George Ice     
page:      684 - 689
Improved Cosideration Of The Margin Of Safety In Total Maximium Daily Load Development (Article)
Subject: Water Resources
Author: David W. Dilks      Paul L. Freedman     
page:      690 - 694
Viewing Total Maximium Daily Loads As A Process, Not A Singular Value: Adaptation Watershed Management (Article)
Subject: Water Pollution
Author: Paul L. Freedman      Adrienne D. Nemura     
page:      695 - 702
Models Qualify The Total Maximium Daily Load Process (Article)
Subject: Water Pollution , Water Quality
Author: Joseph V. Depinto     
page:      703 - 713
Decision Support System For Stakeholder Involvement (Article)
Subject: Decision-Support Systems
Author: Chen Carl. W.      Joel Herr     
page:      714 - 721