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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2004 Volume number : 130 Issue: 07

Role Of Bioflocculation On Chemical Oxygen Demand Removal Insolids Contact Chamber Of Trickling Filter/Solids Contact Process (Article)
Subject: Flocculation , Abatement And Removal
Author: Enrique J La Motta      Jose A. Jimenez     
page:      726 - 735
Effect Of Stressed Loading On Startup And Granulation In Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactors (Article)
Subject: Anaerobic Processes , Activated Sludge
Author: Kuan-Yeow Show      Joo Hwa Tay     
page:      743 - 750
Benezene Nonaqeous Phase Liquids Removal Under Air-Sparged Conditions (Article)
Subject: Air Injections , Diffusion
Author: Shane W. Rogers     
page:      751 - 757
Fuzzy Controller For Thermopholic Aerobic Digestion Using Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Fluorescence (Article)
Subject: Activated Sludge , Aerobic Treatment
Author: Young-Kee Kim     
page:      759 - 765
Evaluation For The System For Residential Treatment And Reuse Of Wastewater (Article)
Subject: Wastewater Treatment
Author: Roger W. Babcock      Daniel A. Mcnair     
page:      767 - 773
Intrusion Within A Simulated Water Distribution System Due To Hydraulic Transients I: Description Of Test Rig And Chemical Tracer Methgod (Article)
Subject: Potable Water , Water Quality
Author: Chen R. Boyd      Hua Wang     
page:      774 - 777
Intrusion Within A Simulated Water Distribution System Due To Hydraulic Transients Ii: Volumetric Method And Comparison Of Results (Article)
Subject: Potable Water , Water Quality
Author: Glen R. Boyd      Hua. Wang     
page:      778 - 783
Oxygen Sag Models For Multiorder Biochemical Oxygen Demand Reactions (Article)
Subject: Mathematical Model , Dissolved Oxygen
Author: Donald Dean Adrian     
page:      784 - 791
Modeling Of Vegetation -Erosion Dynamics In Watershed Systems (Article)
Subject: Differential Equationa , Dynamics
Author: Z-Y Wang     
page:      792 - 800
Hspf Simulation Of Runoff And Sediment Loads In The Upper Changliang River Basin, China (Article)
Subject: China Geography , Rivers
Author: S Hayashi      M. Murakami     
page:      801 - 815
Llong-Term Behavior Of Fixed Flue Gas Desulfurization Material Grout In Mine Drainage Environments (Article)
Subject: Acid Mine Water
Author: Panuwal Taerakul      Mikko Lamminen     
page:      816 - 823
Effectiveness Hof Scrap Tire Chips As Sorptive Driange Material (Article)
Subject: Clay Liners , Columns
Author: Tuncer B Edil      J Park     
page:      824 - 831
Assessment Of Trace Estrogenic Contaminants Removal By Coagulant Addition , Powerwed Activated Carbon Adsorption And Powered Activated Carbon/Microfiltration Processes (Article)
Author: Sheng Chang     
page:      - - -