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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2004 Volume number : 130 Issue: 09

Modeling Suspended Sediment During Construction In Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area (Article)
Subject: Reefs , Model Studies , Sediment Transport
Author: Tom Hardy      Luciano Mason     
page:      1021 - 1031
Assessment Of Agriculture Nonpoint Source Model For A Watershed In Tropical Environment (Article)
Subject: Nonpoint Solution
Author: Mukand Singh Babel     
page:      1032 - 1041
Stochastic Model For Landfill Gas Transport And Energy Recovery (Article)
Subject: Gas Flow , Stochastic Models
Author: Nadim K. Copty     
page:      1042 - 1049
Aerated Grit Chambers Hydraulic Design Equation (Article)
Subject: Hydraulic Design , Waste Disposal
Author: J. T Sawicki     
page:      1050 - 1058
Biodegradation Of 1,4-Dioxane Trickling Filter (Article)
Subject: Biodegradation , Trickling Filter
Author: Mathew J. Zenker      Robert C Borden     
page:      926 - 931
Bacterial Regrowth Model For Wateer Distribution Systems Incorating Alternating Split-Operator Solution Technique (Article)
Subject: Water Quality , Water Distribution System
Author: Zhang Weidong      Class T. Miller     
page:      932 - 941
Aqeous And Mineral Intrinsic Bioremediation Assessment Natural Attenuation (Article)
Subject: Contaminants , Biological Treatment
Author: Lonnie Kennedy      Jess W Everett     
page:      942 - 950
Minimization Of Short-Circuiting Flow Through Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor (Article)
Subject: Anaerobic Digestion , Dimensional Analysis
Author: Raja Chowdhury      Indu Mehrotra     
page:      951 - 959
Improved Anaerobic Process Efficiency Using Mesophillic And Thermophilic Elutriated Phased Treatment (Article)
Subject: Anaerobic Digestion
Author: Moonil Kim      Wookeun Bae     
page:      960 - 966
Engineering Aspects Of The Integration Of Chemical And Biological Oxidation: Simple Machanistic Midels For The Oxidation Treatment (Article)
Subject: Oxidation , Biodegradation
Author: Santiago Esplugas      Sandra Contreras     
page:      965 - 974
Staged Coagulation For Treatment Of Refractory Organics (Article)
Subject: Organic Matter , Coagulation , Water Treatment
Author: David A. Fearing      Emma H. Goslan     
page:      975 - 982
Charaterizing Polyurethane Foam As A Sink For A Source Of Volatile Organic Compounds In Indoor Air (Article)
Subject: Disorption , Diffusion
Author: Dongye Zhao     
page:      983 - 989
In Situ Partial Exfiltration Of Rainfall Runoff I: Quality And Quantity Attenuation (Article)
Subject: Best Management Practice , Storm Water Management
Author: John J Sansalone      Zheng Teng     
page:      990 - 1007