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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Environmental Engineering

Year : 2005 Volume number : 131 Issue: 01

Hydrodechlorination Of Chlorinated Ethanes By Nanoscale Pd Fe Bimetallic Particles (Article)
Subject: Hydrocarbons , Soil Pollution , Kinetics
Author: Hsing-Lung Lien      Wei-Xian Zhang     
page:      04 - 10
Photocatalytic Decolorization Of Lanasol Blue Ce Dye Solution Using A Flat Plate Reactor (Article)
Subject: Water Pollution , Dyes , Effluents
Author: Linda Zou      Yuncang Li      Eric Hu     
page:      102 - 107
Estimating The Removal Of Anthropogenic Organic Chemicals From Raw Drinking Water By Coagulation Flocculation (Article)
Subject: Water Treatment , Organic Chemicals , Flocculation
Author: Bill D Ballard      Allison A Mackay     
page:      108 - 118
Sorbent Wicking Device For Sampling Hydrophobic Organic Compounds In Unsaturated Soil Pore Water 1 Design And Hydraulic Characteristics (Article)
Subject: Pcb , Sampling , Soil Water
Author: Richard G. Luthy      Sean W Mcnamara     
page:      11 - 20
Factors Affecting Inactivation Behavior In The Monochloramination Range (Article)
Subject: Chlorination , Wastewater Treatment , Disinfection
Author: Chii Shang      Yinan Qi      Irene M C Lo     
page:      119 - 129
Statistical Nonparametric Model For Natural Salt Estimation (Article)
Subject: Simulation , Salinity , Nonlinear Systems
Author: James R Prairie      Terrance J Fulp      Edith Zagona     
page:      130 - 138
Estimating Stream Temperature From Air Temperature Implications For Future Water Quality (Article)
Subject: Water Quality , Sampling , Water Temperature
Author: Jean C Morrill      Roger C Bales      Martha Conklin     
page:      139 - 146
Parameter Sensitivity And Predictive Uncertainty In A New Water Quality Model (Article)
Subject: Water Quality , Dynamic Models , Dissolved Oxygen
Author: Brian A Cox      Paul G Whitehead     
page:      147 - 157
Technical Notes; Oxidative And Reductive Pathways In Manganese Catalyzed Fentons Reactions (Article)
Subject: Oxidation , Manganese , Soil Pollution
Author: Richard J Watts      Frank J Loge      Amy L Teel     
page:      158 - 164
Comparison Of Bioenhancement Of Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Pool Dissolution With First And Zero Order Biokinetics (Article)
Subject: Mass Transfer , Kinetics , Model Analysis
Author: Sarika Gupta      Eric A Seagren     
page:      165 - 169
Sorbent Wicking Device For Sampling Hydrophobic Organic Compounds In Unsaturated Soil Pore Water 2 Chemical Capture , Recovery And Analysis (Article)
Subject: Activated Carbons , Pcb , Soil Water
Author: Sean W Mcnamara      Richard G. Luthy     
page:      21 - 28
Adsorption Of Rdx And Hmx In Rapid Small Scale Column Tests Implications For Full Scale Adsorbers (Article)
Subject: Adsorption , Activated Carbon , Isotherms
Author: Matthew C Morley      Jennifer L Henke      Gerald E Speitel     
page:      29 - 37
Effects Of Weathering On Treatment Of Lead Contaminated Soils (Article)
Subject: Lead , Weathering , Soil Treatment
Author: Robert Stanforth      Rajeev Nayar      Chin-Foo Yap     
page:      38 - 48
Pollution Buildup On Road Surfaces (Article)
Subject: Heavy Metals , Sediment , Partical Size
Author: Ana Deletic      David W Orr     
page:      49 - 59
Fecal Coliform Removal Within A Marshland Upwelling System Consisting Of Scatlake Soils (Article)
Subject: Wetlands , Coliform Bacteria , Subsurface Flow
Author: Stephen D Richardson      Kelly A Rusch     
page:      60 - 70
On Line Monitoring Of Wastewater True Color Using Digital Image Analysis And Artificial Neural Ntwork (Article)
Subject: Neural Networks , Image Analysis , Color
Author: Ruey-Fang Yu      Wen-Po Cheng      Mei-Ling Chu     
page:      71 - 79
Protocol To Measure Network Strength Of Sludges And Its Implications For Dewatering (Article)
Subject: Sludge , Dewatering , Residual Strength
Author: Banu Ormeci      Mohammad M Abu- Orf     
page:      80 - 85
Effect Of Substrate Nitrogen/Chemical Oxygen Demand Ratio On The Formation Of Aerobic Granules (Article)
Subject: Nitrification , Oxidation , Aerobic Processes
Author: Shu-Fang Yang      Yu Li      Joo-Hwa Tay     
page:      86 - 92
Residence Time Distribution Characterization Of The Flow Structure In Dissolved Air Flotation (Article)
Subject: Water Treatment , Model Studies , Flow Patterns
Author: Lennart Jonsson      Mans Lundh     
page:      93 - 101