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Magazine Name : Asian Survey

Year : 2002 Volume number : XLII Issue: 04

The Legacy Of Violence In Indonesia (Article)
Subject: Legacy Violence
Author: Lowell Dittmer     
page:      541 - 544
Rethinking Aspects Of Political Voilencein Twenteith-Century Indonesia And East Timor (Article)
Subject: Political Violence
Author: Peter Zinoman     
page:      545 - 549
History, Memory, And The "1965 Incident" In Indonesia (Article)
Subject: Memory
Author: Brain R. Zurbuchen     
page:      564 - 581
Indonesia: A Violent Culture ? (Article)
Subject: Indonesia
Author: Elizabeth Collins     
page:      582 - 604
Problematizing The Place Of Victims In Peformasi Indonesia (Article)
Subject: Place Of Victim
Author: Jemma Purdey     
page:      605 - 622
The Making Of "Ground Zero" In East Timor In 1999 (Article)
Subject: Eating Rocks
Author: Joseph Nevins     
page:      623 - 642
On The Uses And Abuses Of The Past In Indonesia (Article)
Subject: Abuses
Author: Laura Stoler     
page:      642 - 650
Democratization And Regional Power Sharing In Papua / Irian Jaya (Article)
Subject: Democratization
Author: Timo Kivimaki      Ruben Thorning     
page:      651 - 672