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Magazine Name : Asian Survey

Year : 2002 Volume number : XLII Issue: 06

Anatomy Of Regime Repressionin China: Timing , Enforcement Institution And Target Selection In Banning The Falungong, July 1999 (Article)
Subject: Amazing Considering
Author: Mai Tong     
page:      795 - 820
Primary Causes Of Asian Democratization (Article)
Subject: Primary Causes
Author: J. K. Lee     
page:      821 - 837
Canada'S Re-Engagement With India (Article)
Subject: Cold Expansion
Author: Arthur G. Rubinoff     
page:      838 - 855
Us-North Korean Relations Under The Bush Administration (Article)
Subject: Introduction , Polanyian
Author: Sebastian Harnisch     
page:      856 - 882
The Globalization Of Capital In East And Southeast Asia (Article)
Subject: Globalisation
Author: Clair Apodaca     
page:      883 - 905
Making Democracy Work In Papua New Guinea (Article)
Subject: Democracy
Author: O. M. O Reilly     
page:      906 - 927
Introducing Junior Ministers And Reforming The Diet In Japan (Article)
Subject: Ministry Of Food
Author: K Takenaka     
page:      928 - 939