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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 1998 Volume number : 124 Issue: 01

Applicatin Of Rem On Free And Forced Vibration Of Laminated Shells. (Article)
Author: Dipankar Chakravorty      P. K Sinha     
page:      01 - 09
Damage Identification Through Regularizatin Method. I: Theory. (Article)
Author: L Ge      Surendra P Shah     
page:      103 - 108
Damage Identification Through Regularization Method Ii: Application. (Article)
Author: L Ge     
page:      109 - 109
Exact Stationary Response Solutions Of Six Classes Of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems Under Stochastic Parametric And External Excitatinons.. (Article)
Author: Zhikang Zhang      Rubin Wang     
page:      18 - 23
Spectral Green'S Dyadic For Point Sources In Poroelastic Media. (Article)
Author: A. J Philippacopoulos     
page:      24 - 31
Viscoelastic Contitutive Model For Asphalt Concrete Under Cyclic Loading. (Article)
Author: Y. Richard Kim     
page:      32 - 40
Intrference Assemblies. (Article)
Author: G. R Frederick      R. R Little     
page:      41 - 45
Behavior And Strenght Of Laminated Glass. (Article)
Author: H. Scott Norville      Jason L Swofford     
page:      46 - 53
Effect Of Transvers Sher Deformation On Elastic Moduli Of Thin Ice Plates. (Article)
Author: Alex A Elvin      Jerome J Connor     
page:      54 - 61
Effect Of Transverse Shear Deformatin On Elastic Moduli Of Thin Lce Plates. (Article)
Author: Jerome J Connor      Alex A Elvin     
page:      54 - 50
A Preimer On Design Of Semiactive Vibratin Absorbers (Sava). (Article)
Author: W. N Patten      C Mo     
page:      61 - 68
Acoustic Emissions In Fracturing Sea Ice Plate Simulated By Particle System. (Article)
Author: Zhengzhi Li      Zdenek P Bazant     
page:      69 - 79
Theoretical And Experimental Investigation Of Helical Cardiac Leads. (Article)
Author: Wei Jiang      Ton-Lo Wang     
page:      80 - 86
Static And Dynamic Behavior Of Seel Braces Under Cyclic Displacement. (Article)
Author: John F Hall      Wenshui Gan     
page:      87 - 93
Bending Solutin For Thick Platewith Quardangular Boundary. (Article)
Author: K.M. Liew      J.-B Han     
page:      9 - 17
Fracture Mechanismin Cement-Based Materials Subjected To Compression. (Article)
Author: Surendra P Shah      Sokhwan Choi     
page:      94 - 102