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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 1998 Volume number : 124 Issue: 06

Plastic Model For Concrete In Plane Stress State. I: Theory. (Article)
Author: Czeslaw Cichon      Andrzej Winnicki     
page:      591 - 602
Plastic Model For Concrete In Plane Stess Sate. Ii: Numerical Validatin . (Article)
Author: Andrzej Winnicki      Czeslaw Cichon     
page:      603 - 613
Elastomeric Materials Used For Vibratin Isolatin Of Railway Lines. (Article)
Author: G Kajon      A Castellani     
page:      614 - 621
Dynamics Of Multicell, Thin-Walled Beams With Regular Cutouts. (Article)
Author: D Capuani      M Savoia     
page:      622 - 629
Self-Weight Subsidence Of Saturated Sot Porous Media. (Article)
Author: Kagan Tuncay      K. R Kambham     
page:      630 - 638
Two-Step Identificatin Apprach For Damped Finite Element Models. (Article)
Author: H. J Pradlwarter      T Herrmann     
page:      639 - 647
Plastic Buckling Of Unacnchored Roofed Tanks Under Dynamic Loads. (Article)
Author: Marwan El-Bkaily      Ralf Peek     
page:      648 - 657
Constitutive Modeling Of Unsaturated Drying Deformable Marterials. (Article)
Author: R Eymard      O Coussy     
page:      658 - 667
Frequency-Domain Analysis Of Offshore Platform In Non-Gausian Seas. (Article)
Author: C.C Hsieh      Ahsan Kareem     
page:      668 - 683
Closed-Form Solutins For The Response Of Linear Systems To Fully Nostationary Earthquake Excitation. (Article)
Author: B.-F Peng      J.P Conte     
page:      684 - 695
Corrected Sollution Of Clamped Ring Plate With Edge Point Load. (Article)
Author: S Boedo      V. C Prantil     
page:      696 - 698
Stochastic Response Of Ofshore Platforms By Sttistical Cubicization. (Article)
Author: Michael A Tognarelli      Ahsan Kareem     
page:      699 - 700