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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 1998 Volume number : 124 Issue: 09

Continuum Damage Mechanics-Based Model Of Stochastic Damage Growth. (Article)
Author: Bruce Ellingwood      Baidurya Bhattacharya     
page:      1000 - 1009
Moving Loads On A Plate On Elastic Foundation. (Article)
Author: Jose M Roesset      Seong-Min Kim     
page:      1010 - 1017
Time-Delay Compensatin In Active Control Of Structures. (Article)
Author: Jun-Ping Pu     
page:      1018 - 1028
Applicatin Of Fractional Calculus For Analysis Of Nonlinear Damped Vibration Of Suspension Bridges. (Article)
Author: Marina V Shitikova      Yuriy A Rossikhin     
page:      1029 - 1036
Interface Behaviour In Steel Fiber/Cement Composites Under Tension. (Article)
Author: Chengsheng Ouyang      Yixin Shao     
page:      1037 - 1044
Influence Of Material Stiffening On Stability Of Stability Of Elastomeric Bearings At Large Displacements. (Article)
Author: James M Kelly      Maura Lmbimbo     
page:      1045 - 1049
Vicous Hardening Plasticity For Concrete In High-Rate Dynamics. (Article)
Author: Franz-Josef Ulm      Jerome Sercombe     
page:      1050 - 1057
Unresolved Problems In The Indonesian Killings Of 1995-1966 (Article)
Subject: Problem Description
Author: Robert Cribb     
page:      559 - 563
Stochastic Analysis Of Load Combination. (Article)
Author: Claudio Floris     
page:      929 - 938
Comparaing Two Algorithms To Add Large Strains To Small-Strain Fe Code. (Article)
Author: Antonio Rodriguez Ferran      Antonio Huerta     
page:      939 - 948
Crack Growth Analysis In Reinforcedd Concrete Using Bem. (Article)
Author: M.H. Aliabadi      A. L Saleh     
page:      949 - 958
Triaxial Compostie Model For Basic Creep Of Concrete. (Article)
Author: Sandeep Beweja      George J Dvorak     
page:      959 - 965
Dolitary Waves In Flexible, Arbitrary Elastic Helix.. (Article)
Author: Leonid Slepyan      Viacheslav Krylov     
page:      966 - 970
Sleeved Cone-Cylinder Intersection Under Internal Pressure. (Article)
Author: B Gabriel      J. G Teng     
page:      971 - 980
Semiactive Control Algorithms For Structures With Variable Dampers. (Article)
Author: Bijan Mohraz      Fahim Sadek     
page:      981 - 990
Stress Intenstiy Factors And Displacements In Elastic Contact And Crack Problems. (Article)
Author: V. I Fabrikant     
page:      991 - 999