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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 1999 Volume number : 125 Issue: 02

Training Neural Networks By Adaptive Random Search Techniques. (Article)
Subject: Adaptive Random Search Techniques.
Author: S.F Masri      A.W Symth      A.G Chassiakos      N. Nakamura     
page:      123 - 132
On Line Parametric Identification Of Mdof Nonlinear Hysteretic Systems. (Article)
Subject: Non Linear Hysteretic Systems.
Author: S.F Masri      A.W Symth      A.G Chassiakos     
page:      133 - 142
Nonlocking Beam Finite Elements For Use With Inelastic Materials Models. (Article)
Subject: Materials Models.
Author: M.M. Rashid      M Friedheim     
page:      143 - 151
Thermodynamics Formulation Of Plastic Work Hardening Materials. (Article)
Subject: Work Hardening Materials.
Author: Matti Ristinmaa     
page:      152 - 155
Size Effect Analysis For Pullout Strength Under Various Boundry Conditions. (Article)
Subject: Various Boundry Condition.
Author: Ahmed S.E.Morgan      Junichiro Niwa      Tada-Aki Tanabe     
page:      165 - 173
Instability Of Superconditioning Partial Torus With Two Pin Supports. (Article)
Subject: Partial Torus With Two Pin Supports
Author: Xiao Jing Zheng      You He Zhou      Jong S. Lee     
page:      174 - 179
Multigrid Preconditioner For Unstructured Nonlinear 3d Fe Models. (Article)
Subject: Nonlinear 3d Fe Models.
Author: William G. Davids      George M. Turkiyyah     
page:      186 - 196
Spatial Stability To Thin Walled Eccentric Compressive Members. (Article)
Subject: Eccentric Compressive Members.
Author: Quangfeng Wang      W.Y. Li.     
page:      197 - 205
Non Parametiric Identification Of Nonlinear Hysteretic Systems. (Article)
Subject: Nonlinear Hysteretic Systems.
Author: J. M Ko      C.W Wong      Y.Q Ni     
page:      206 - 215
Analytical Description Of Pinching, Degrading Hysteretic Systems. (Article)
Subject: Degrading Hysteretic Systems.
Author: Naser Mostaghel     
page:      216 - 224
Robust H Static Output Feedback Control With Actuator Saturation. (Article)
Subject: Control With Actuator Saturation.
Author: J. Geoffrey Chase      Scott E. Breneman     
page:      225 - 233
Techniques For Evaluation Kinematics Between Rebar And Concrete. (Article)
Subject: Kinematics Between Rebar And Concrete.
Author: Masoud Ghadehari      Surendra Shah     
page:      234 - 242
Spectral Elements For Lavy-Type Plates Subject To Dynamics Loads. (Article)
Subject: Plates Subject To Dynamics Loads.
Author: Lee Joonkeun      Usik Lee     
page:      243 - 247
Symmetry Of Tanagent Stiffers Matrices Of 3d Elastic Frame. (Article)
Subject: Stiffers Matrices Of 3d Elastic Frame.
Author: Lip H. Teh      Murry J. Clarke     
page:      248 - 251