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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 1999 Volume number : 125 Issue: 03

Models Of Particle Reinforced Nonlinear Viscous Composite. (Article)
Subject: Nonlinear Viscous Composite
Author: D. Cebon      V.S. Deshpande     
page:      255 - 262
Energy Balanced Double Oscillators Model For Vortex Induced Vibration. (Article)
Subject: Vortex Induced Vibration.
Author: S. R. K. Nielsen      S. Krenk     
page:      263 - 282
The Chunnel Fire Ii: Analysis Of Concrete Demage. (Article)
Subject: Analysis Of Concrete Damage.
Author: Franz-Josef Ulm      Paul Acker      Micheal Levy     
page:      283 - 289
Efects Of Fiber Strength And Fiber Matrix Interface On Crack Bridging In Cement Operations (Article)
Subject: Crack Bridging In Cement Operations
Author: Tetsushi Kanda      Victor C. Li     
page:      290 - 299
Incomplete Frictional Flat-Ended Punch On Half Plane With Edge Crack. (Article)
Subject: Half Plane With Edge Crack
Author: Norio Haseba      Kiyotaka Kojima      Jun Qian     
page:      300 - 306
Discrete Versus Smeared Versus Elements Embedded Crack Models On Ring Problem. (Article)
Subject: Embedded Crack Models On Ring Problem.
Author: Keivan Noghabai     
page:      307 - 315
Buckling Mode Interaction In Fixed End Column With Central Brace. (Article)
Subject: Fixed End Column With Central Brace.
Author: Baisheng Wu     
page:      316 - 322
Co Zig-Zag Finite Elements For Analysis Of Laminated Compositive Beams. (Article)
Subject: Laminated Compositive Beams.
Author: V.R. Aithatharaju      R.C Averill     
page:      323 - 330
Transfer Function Based Criteria For Decoupling Of Secondary Systems. (Article)
Subject: Decoupling Of Secondary Systems.
Author: Genda Chen      Jingning Wu     
page:      340 - 346
Low-Tension Cable Dynamics:Numerical And Experimental Studies. (Article)
Subject: Decoupling Of Secondary Systems.
Author: S.T Quet      Y. Zhang      C. G Koh     
page:      347 - 355
Pressre Distribution In Cavitating Circular Sylinder Wakes. (Article)
Subject: Cavitating Circular Sylinder Wakes
Author: A.S Ramamurthy      R. Balachandar     
page:      356 - 358
Influence Of Inlet Shear On Structure Of Wake Behind A Square Cylinder. (Article)
Subject: Square Cylinder.
Author: K. Murlidhar      G. Biswas      A. K Shah     
page:      359 - 363
Plastic Flow Potential For Cone Region Of Mrs-Lade Models (Article)
Subject: Mrs-Lade Model.
Author: A. Perez      A. Huerta     
page:      364 - 367
Buckling Analysis Of Elastic Space Rods Under Torsional Moment Toshiaki Goto Xiao-Song Li, And Toshihiro Kasugai. (Article)
Subject: Torisional Moment.
Author: S. B. Verma     
page:      368 - 368
New Defination Of Conservative Internal Moments In Space Frames (Article)
Subject: Space Frames.
Author: J Clark      W. R. Spillers     
page:      368 - 368