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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 1999 Volume number : 125 Issue: 04

New Micromechanics Design Theory Of Pseudostrain Hardening Cementitous Composite. (Article)
Subject: Theory Of Pseudostrain.
Author: Tetsushi Kanda      Victor C. Li     
page:      373 - 381
Hardening Models And Their Predictions Of Materials Response. (Article)
Subject: Material Response.
Author: Wei Jiang     
page:      382 - 391
Stretch Bending Of Aluminum Extrusions:Effect Of Geometry And Alloy. (Article)
Subject: Geomatery And Alloy.
Author: Arild H. Clausen      Odd S. Hopperstad      Magnus Langseth     
page:      392 - 400
Buckling Reversals Of Axially Restrained Imperfect Beam-Column. (Article)
Author: J. Darrio Aristizabal-Ochoa      J.Paul Smith Pardo     
page:      401 - 409
Imperfections In Cylindrical Shells Resulting From Fabrications Misfits. (Article)
Subject: Fabrication Misfits.
Author: J.Mark F.G.Holst      J.Michael Rotter      Chris R. Calladine     
page:      410 - 418
From Drag Of Fences Placed In Disturbed Turbulent Boundry Layers. (Article)
Subject: Turbulent Boundary Layers
Author: L. R Sharma      K. G. Ranga Raju     
page:      419 - 425
Plastic Buckling Transition Modes In Moderately Thick Cylindrical Shells. (Article)
Subject: Cylindrical Shells.
Author: Chonghou Zhang      Yoshiaki Goto     
page:      426 - 434
Analysis Of Glass/Polyvinyl Butyral Laminates Subjected To Uniform Pressure. (Article)
Subject: Analysis Of Glass Butyral Laminates.
Author: Alex Van Duser      Anand Jagota      Stephen Bennison     
page:      435 - 442
Base Isolation By A Soft First Story With Inclined Columns. (Article)
Subject: Inclined Columns.
Author: Maria I. Todorovska     
page:      448 - 457
Transitional Thermal Creep Of Early Age Concerte. (Article)
Subject: Early Age Concrete.
Author: Anders Boe Hauggaard      Lars Damkilde     
page:      458 - 465
New Approximations For Reliability Integrals. (Article)
Subject: Reliability Integrals.
Author: David C. Polidori      Costas Papadimitriou     
page:      466 - 475
Modeling Of Thermmechanical Effects Of Alkali-Silica Treaction. (Article)
Subject: Alkali-Silica Reaction.
Author: Maosong Huang      S. Pietrusczak     
page:      476 - 486
General Kinematic Isotropic Hardening Model. (Article)
Subject: General Kinematic
Author: Wei Jiang     
page:      487 - 490
Coupled Slosh Dynamics Of Liquid-Filled, Composite Cylindrical Tanks. (Article)
Subject: Cylindrical Tanks.
Author: N.C Pal      S. K Bhattacharyya      P. K Sinha     
page:      491 - 495