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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 1999 Volume number : 125 Issue: 05

Numerical Predictions Of Turbulent Over A Surface-Mounted Rib. (Article)
Subject: Surface Mounted Rib.
Author: Robert R. Hwang      Y. C. Chow      T.P. Chaing     
page:      497 - 503
Discretized Subregion Variational Principle For Dynamics Substructutring. (Article)
Subject: Dynamics Substructuring.
Author: Zhaochang Zheng      Geng Xie      Fred W. Williams     
page:      504 - 512
Dynamics Buckling Of Simply Supported Columns Under Axial Slamming. (Article)
Subject: Axial Slamming.
Author: Hong Hao      Hee Kiat Cheong      Shijie Cui     
page:      513. - 520
Stretch Bending Of Aluminium Extrusions: Effect Of Tensile Sequence. (Article)
Subject: Tensile Sequuence.
Author: Arild H. Clausen      Odd S. Hopperstad      Magnus Langseth     
page:      521 - 529
Rheology Behavior Of Short Fiber Reinforced Cement Based Extrudate. (Article)
Subject: Cement Based Exttrudate.
Author: Zongjing Li      Bin Mu      Stanley N.C. Chui     
page:      530 - 536
Tangent Stiffness Equations For Laterally Distributed Loaded Members. (Article)
Subject: Distributed Loaded Members.
Author: Yoshiya Taniguchi      Toshitsugu Saka      Hideto Tanaka     
page:      537 - 544
Distributed Thermal Cracking Of Ac Pavement With Frictional Constraint. (Article)
Subject: Frictional Constraint.
Author: Weixin Shen      David J. Kirkner     
page:      545 - 553
Empirically Based Gamma-Distributed Random Walll Pressure Field In Silo. (Article)
Subject: Pressure Field In Silo.
Author: K. Nikolaj Berntsen      Ove Ditlevsen     
page:      561 - 569
Probablistics Solutions To Nonlinear Random Ship Roll Motion. (Article)
Subject: Ship Roll Motion.
Author: Vai Pan Iu      Guo-Kang Er     
page:      570 - 574
Galerkin Residuals For Adaptive Symmetric-Galerkin Boundary Elements Method. (Article)
Subject: Boundary Elements Methods.
Author: H. Paulino Glaucio      L. J. Gray     
page:      575 - 586
Frequency Analysis Of A Linear Elastic Structure Carrying A Chain Of Oscillators. (Article)
Subject: Chain Of Oscillators.
Author: Philip D. Cha      Pierre Christophe     
page:      587 - 591
Simple Approximations For Improving Second Order Reliability Estimates. (Article)
Subject: Second Order Reliability Estimates.
Author: H. P Hong     
page:      592 - 595
Deducing Buckling Loads Of Sectorials Mindlin Plates From Krichhoff Plates. (Article)
Subject: Kirchhoff Plates.
Author: C. M. Wang      Y Xiang     
page:      596 - 598