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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 1999 Volume number : 125 Issue: 06

Technique To Measure 3d Work Of Fracture Of Concrete In Compression. (Article)
Subject: Concrete In Compression.
Author: Edwin N. Nagy      George Nagy      Denis T. Keane      Eric N. Landis     
page:      599 - 605
Minimum Weight Design Of Fillet Welds Using Convex Formulation. (Article)
Subject: Weld Using Convex
Author: R. Picon      J. Canas      F. Paris     
page:      606 - 612
Buckling Of Homogeneous Isotropic Cylindrical Shells Under Axial Stress. (Article)
Subject: Sheel Under Axial Stress
Author: Hiroyuki Matsunaga     
page:      613 - 621
Fractal Cracking Of Concrete: Parameterization Of Spatial Diffusion. (Article)
Subject: Spatial Diffusion
Author: P. S Addison      W.M.C. Mckenzie      R. Hunter      A.S Ndumu     
page:      622 - 629
Attenuation Measurements In Cement-Based Materials Using Laser Ultrasonics. (Article)
Subject: Laser Ultrasonics.
Author: Joseph O. Owino      Laurence J. Jacobs     
page:      637 - 647
Microstructural Modeling For Elastic Moduli Of Bonded Granules. (Article)
Subject: Bonded Granules.
Author: Ching S. Chang      Qing S. Shi      Han Zhu     
page:      648 - 653
Modeling Of Steel Concrete Composite Beams Under Bending (Article)
Subject: Beams Under Bending.
Author: Gaetano Manfredi      Giovanni Fabbrocino      Edoarbo Cosenza     
page:      654 - 662
Antiplane Diffraction From Canyon Above Subsurface Unlined Tunnel. (Article)
Subject: Unline Tunnel
Author: I. R Hsu      S. Chen      V. W Lee     
page:      668 - 675
Effect Of Compressibility On Strain Hardening Beams Under Combined Loading. (Article)
Subject: Beam Under Combined Loading
Author: A. Khamlichi      A. Elbakkali      P. Hamelin     
page:      676 - 683
Heat Source Infinite With Elliptic Rigid Inclusion And Hole. (Article)
Subject: Infinite Plane With Elliptic.
Author: Norio Haseba      Kazuo Yoshikawa     
page:      684 - 691
Multisurface Chemoplasticity : I. Material Model For Shotcrete. (Article)
Subject: Material Model For Shotcrete
Author: Herbert A. Mang      Christian Hellmich     
page:      692 - 701
Multisurface Chemoplasticity. Ii: Numerical Studies On Natm Tunneling. (Article)
Subject: Natm Tunneling
Author: Christian Hellmich      Herbert A. Mang      Franz-Josef Ulm     
page:      702 - 714
Accuracy Of Two Stress Update Algorithms For Shear Free Large Deformation Paths. (Article)
Subject: Share Free Large Deformation
Author: Antonio Huerta      Antonio Rodriguez-Ferran     
page:      715 - 717
Strain Gauge Measurements Of Interfacial Cracks In Bitmaterial. (Article)
Subject: Cracks In Bimaterial
Author: Ai-Kah Soh     
page:      718 - 721
Fracture Toughness For Microcracking In A Viscoelastic Composite. (Article)
Subject: Viscoelastic Composite.
Author: H. J Lee      S.W Park      Y.R Kim     
page:      722 - 725