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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 1999 Volume number : 125 Issue: 09

Fiber Elements For Cyclic Bending And Shear Of Structure Ii: Verification (Article)
Author: Macro Petrangeli     
page:      1002 - 1009
Development Of New Peak Shear Strength Anisotropics Rock Joints. (Article)
Author: P.H.S.W. Kulatilake      B. B Panda      J Um     
page:      1010 - 1017
Thermo-Chemo-Mechanical Model For Concrete I: Hydration And Aging. (Article)
Author: Tomas Prato      Javier Oliver      Miguel Cervera     
page:      1018 - 1027
Thrmo-Chemo-Mechanical Model For Concrete :Ii. Damage And Greep (Article)
Author: Miguel Cervera      Javier Oliver      Tomas Prato     
page:      1028 - 1039
Design Optimization Procedure For Fiber Reinforced Plastics Bridges (Article)
Author: A. J Aref      I. D. Parsons     
page:      1040 - 1047
Dynamic Axial Load Transfer From Elastics Bar To Poroelastics Medium (Article)
Author: R.K.N.D. Rajapakse      X Zeng     
page:      1048 - 1055
Rapid Evaluation Of Individuals Ability Control Hand Strength (Article)
Author: T Gharbi      A Hanafi      J. Y Cornu     
page:      1056 - 1061
Transformation Of Domain Integrals In Bem For Thick Foundation Plates. (Article)
Author: Youssef F Rashed      M. H Aliabadi      C .A Breddia     
page:      1062 - 1070
Robust Symmetric Formulation For Nonassociated Plasticity Problems (Article)
Author: Olubayo O. R Famiyesin     
page:      1071 - 1080
Random Vibration Of Laminated Frp Plates With Material Nonlinearity Using High-Order Shear Theory. (Article)
Author: Ronald S Harichandran      Joowoon Kang     
page:      1081 - 1098
Spurious Bifurcations In Transient Analysis With Istropic Damage. (Article)
Author: G. Baker      J. Stabler     
page:      1090 - 1094
Optimal Stablizations Of Columns Buckling. (Article)
Author: J. Geoffrey Chase      Mark Yim     
page:      987 - 993
Fiber Elments For Cylics Bendng And Shear Of Rc Structure I: Theory (Article)
Author: Vincenzo Ciampi      Paolo Emilio      Macro Petrangeli     
page:      994 - 1001