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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 1999 Volume number : 125 Issue: 10

3d Temporal Charecteristics Of Earthquake Ground Motion At Single Point. (Article)
Subject: Ground Motion At Single Point.
Author: George C. Lee      Mai Tong     
page:      1099 - 1105
Cyclic Critical Stress States Of Sand Nonfrictional Effects. (Article)
Subject: Nonfrictional Effects.
Author: Kohji Tokimatsu      Yasuhiro Shamoto      Jian-Min Zhang     
page:      1106 - 1114
Finite -Elements Formulations For Analysis Of Laminated Composites. (Article)
Subject: Laminated Compositive Beams.
Author: Mohamad Panahandeh      Arif Masud     
page:      1115 - 1124
Closure Efects On Fatigue Crack Detection (Article)
Subject: Crack Detection
Author: Wuzhen Zhang      Rene B. Testa     
page:      1125 - 1132
Simple Degenrate Formulations For Large Displacement Anal;Ysis Of Beams. (Article)
Subject: Analysis Of Beams.
Author: A Yamaguchi      Muhammad Hammadeh     
page:      1140 - 1146
Elasticity Soluation For Torsional Rigidity Of Pretwisted Composite Strips. (Article)
Subject: Composite Material
Author: Erian A. Armanios      Andrew Makeev     
page:      1147 - 1153
Numerical Study Of Compressive Behavior Of Concrete At High Strain Rates. (Article)
Subject: Strain Distribution
Author: F. V Donze      S. -A Magnier      C. Mariotti      L. Davenne     
page:      1154 - 1163
Effects Of Fiber Waviness On Buckling Strenght Of Composites Plates,. (Article)
Subject: Composite Material
Author: M. D Pandey     
page:      1173 - 1179
Simulation Of Homogeneous And Partially Isotropics Random Fields. (Article)
Subject: Isotropic Random Fields.
Author: A. A Malyarenko      A. Zerva      L. S Katafygiotis     
page:      1180 - 1189
Chemoporoplasticity Of Calcium Leaching In Concrete (Article)
Subject: Leaching In Concrete
Author: Franz-Josef Ulm      Jean-Michel Torrenti      Frederic Adento     
page:      1200 - 1212
Bending Torsion Response Of Rib-Reinforced Cantiliver Plates. (Article)
Subject: Cantilevers Plates
Author: Grzegorz Kawiecki     
page:      1213 - 1217
Torsion Of Polygonal Bar With Core Of Diffrent Materials. (Article)
Subject: Diffrent Materials
Author: C-Y Wang     
page:      1218 - 1221
Free Vibration Of Transversely Isotropic Cylindrical Panels On Pasternak Foundation. (Article)
Subject: Pasternak Foundation
Author: J. Ying      W. Q Chen     
page:      1222 - 1226