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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 03

Fracture Mechanics Of Asr In Contretes With Waste Glass Particles Of Different Sizes (Article)
Subject: Concretes
Author: Zadnek P Bazant      Goangseup Zi     
page:      226 - 232
Thermo-Chemo-Mechanics Of Asr Expansion In Concrete Structures (Article)
Subject: Asr Micromechanics , Chemoelasticity
Author: Franz-Josef Ulm      O Coussy     
page:      233 - alkali-s
Alkali-Silica Reaction Of Concrete With Admixtures (Article)
Subject: Electron Microscopy
Author: Zongjin Li      J Peng     
page:      243 - 249
Propagation Fronts During Calcium Leaching And Chloride Penetration (Article)
Subject: Dissolution , Mass Balance Equation
Author: Marc Mainguy      O Coussy     
page:      250 - 257
Multiscale Modeling Interactive Diffusion Processes In Concrete (Article)
Subject: Modeling , Diffusion
Author: Yunping Xi      Kaspar J. William     
page:      258 - 265
Chemo-Mechanical Effects In Mortar Beams Subjected To Water Hydrolysis (Article)
Subject: Mortar Layer
Author: Caroline Bellego      G. Pijaudier Cabot     
page:      266 - 272
Assessing Damage In Corroded Reinforced Concrete Using Acoustic Emission (Article)
Subject: Reinforced Concrete
Author: Dong-Jin Yoon      W. Jason Weiss     
page:      273 - 283
Modeling Of Early-Age Creep Of Ahortcrete I: Model And Model Parameters (Article)
Subject: Creep In Framework
Author: Jerome Sercombe      Christian Hellmich     
page:      284 - 291
Modeling Of Early-Age Creep Of Shotcrete, Ii : Application To Tunneling (Article)
Subject: Chemoplastic Creep Model
Author: Christian Hellmich      Jerome Sercombe     
page:      292 - 299
Debonding And Calibration Sbhift Of Optical Fiber Sensors In Concrete (Article)
Subject: Calibration , Optical
Author: Zongjin K.Y. Leung     
page:      300 - 309
Stiffness Evaluation And Damage Detection Of Ceramic Candle Filters (Article)
Subject: Canada
Author: B Liang     
page:      308 - 319