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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 04

Response In Inhomogeneous Seabed Around Buried Pipeline Under Ocean Waves. (Article)
Author: D. S Jeng      Y. S Lin     
page:      321 - 332
Analytical Solution For Plane Trusses With Equidistant Supports. (Article)
Author: J. K Liu      C. W Cai      H. C Chan     
page:      333 - 339
Nonlinear Sliding Mode Control Of Seismic Response Of Building Frames. (Article)
Author: S Sarbjeet      T. K Datta     
page:      340 - 347
Solution Of Circular Sandwich Ring Under Two Forces Acting Along Diameter. (Article)
Author: S. T Mau      S Tao     
page:      348 - 357
Laminar Poroelastic Media Flow. (Article)
Author: L. H Huang      C. H Song     
page:      358 - 366
Bending Solutions Of Sectorial Mindlin Plates From Kirchhoff Plates. (Article)
Author: G. T Lim      C.M Wang     
page:      367 - 372
Deterministic Control Of Column Under Horizontal-Vertical Excitation. (Article)
Author: Seshasayee Ankireddi      Henry T. Y Yang     
page:      373 - 380
Instability Of Thin Pipes Encased In Oval Rigid Cavity. (Article)
Author: W. Thomas Straughan      Leslie K Guice      Abdel-Aziz M Omara     
page:      381 - 388
Characterization Of Random Composites Using Moving-Window Technique. (Article)
Author: S. C Baxter      L. L Graham     
page:      389 - 397
Conditional Simulation Of A Class Of Nonstationary Space-Time Random Field. (Article)
Author: S Santa-Cruz      E Heredia-Zavoni     
page:      398 - 404
Compression Tests On Cylinders With Circumferential Weld Depressions. (Article)
Author: R. Q Bridge      J. M Roter      P. A Berry     
page:      405 - 413
Statistical Damage Assessment Of Framed Structures From Static Responses. (Article)
Author: Hae Sung Lee      Soobong Shin      Inho Yeo     
page:      414 - 421
Turbulent Boundary Layer Over Symmetric Bodies With Rigid And Flexible Surfaces. (Article)
Author: S. K Pathak      G. L Asawa      M. S Abu Sharekh     
page:      422 - 432
Nonpoint Estimates For Probability Moments. (Article)
Author: Yan-Gang Zhao      Tetsuro Ono     
page:      433 - 437