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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 06

Derivative Of Buckling Load With Respect To Support Locations. (Article)
Author: Cheng Huang      Hai-Chang Hu      Zhong-Sheng Liu     
page:      559 - 564
Water Migration Phenomenon In Concrete In Prepeak Region. (Article)
Author: Hideki Oshita      Tada-Aki Tanabe     
page:      565 - 572
Water Migration Phenomenon In Concrete In Postpeak Region. (Article)
Author: Hideki Oshita      Tada-Aki Tanabe     
page:      573 - 581
Designing A General Neurocontroller For Water Towers. (Article)
Author: Ardalan Vahidi      Abdolreza Joghataie     
page:      582 - 587
Analytical Description Of Multidegree Bilinear Hysteretic System. (Article)
Author: Ryan A Byrd      Naser Mostaghel     
page:      588 - 598
Entropy And Granular Materials: Model (Article)
Author: Colin B Brown     
page:      599 - 604
Entropy And Granular Materials: Experimetns. (Article)
Author: Colin B Brown      David G Elms      Mark T Hanson     
page:      605 - 610
Numerical Simulation Of Prenotched Gravity Dam Models. (Article)
Author: F Barpi      S Valente     
page:      611 - 619
Closed Loop Predictivity Optimal Control Algorithm Usingarma Models. (Article)
Author: Mohammed Mehter Allam      Ali Keyhani     
page:      620 - 625
Phase Space Reduction In Stochastic Dynamics. (Article)
Author: G. I Schueller      M Vasta     
page:      626 - 632
Hydsteretic Models For Deteriorating Inelastic Structures. (Article)
Author: Mettupalayam V Sivaselvan     
page:      633 - 640
Frictonal Dissipation In Axially Loaded Simple Straight Strands. (Article)
Author: Ted Conway      Anne Nawrocki      Michel Labrosse     
page:      641 - 646
Study Of Edge-Xone Equation Of Mindlin - Reissner Plate Theor. (Article)
Subject: Study , Edge , Equations , Mindlin Plate Elements
Author: Shahram Sarkani      Arash Yavari      Asghar Nosier     
page:      647 - 652
Bending Of Sector Plates On Elasticfoundations By Bessel Functions. (Article)
Author: You - He Zhou      Jianping Zhang      Xiao Jing Zheng     
page:      647 - 652
Damage Localization By Directly Using Incomplete Mode Shapes. (Article)
Author: Z. Y Shi      L. M Zhang      S. S Law     
page:      656 - 661
Symmetry Of Tangent Stiffnessmatrices Of 3d Elastic Frame. (Article)
Author: B. A Izzuddin     
page:      662 - 664