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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 07

Application Of Neural Networks For Detection Of Changes In Nonlinear Systems. (Article)
Author: A. G Chassiakos      A. W Smyth      S. F Masri     
page:      666 - 676
Wavelet-Based Approach For Structrual Damage Detection. (Article)
Author: M Noori      Z Hou      R. St. Amand     
page:      677 - 683
Limit-State Surface Element Method: Application To Fatigue Reliability With Nde Inspections. (Article)
Author: J. D Achenbach      Y Xu      B Moran     
page:      684 - 692
Time Domain Identification Of Frames Under Earthqueke Loadings. (Article)
Author: Chih-Chieh Huang      Chi-Ying Lin      Chin-Hsiung Loh     
page:      693 - 703
Ultrasonic Monitoring Of Material Degradation In Frp Composites. (Article)
Author: Rami M Haj-Ali      Laurence J Jacobs      Olajide D Dokun     
page:      704 - 710
Issues In Infrastructure Health Monitoring Or Management. (Article)
Author: K. A Grimmelsman      F. N Catbs      A. E Aktan     
page:      711 - 724
Elecromagnetic Image Reconstruction For Damage Detection. (Article)
Author: Masanobu Shinozuka      Ce Liu      Maria Q Feng     
page:      725 - 729
Integrated Procedure For Identification And Control Of Mdof Structures. (Article)
Author: Francesco Romeo      Vincenzo Gattulli     
page:      730 - 737
Bayesian Probabilistic Approach To Structural Health Monitoring. (Article)
Author: S. K Au      M. W Vanik      J. L Beck     
page:      738 - 745
Simultaneous Estimation Of System And Input Parameters From Output Measurements. (Article)
Author: J. Hugh Ellis      Nicholas P Jones      Tinghui Shi     
page:      746 - 753
New Direction In Concrete Health Monitoring Technology. (Article)
Author: Corina-Maria Aldea      Surendra P Shah      John S Popovics     
page:      754 - 560
Damage Direction In Beam Structures Based On Frequency Mesurements. (Article)
Author: Danilo Capecchi      Fabrizio Vestroni     
page:      761 - 768
Damage Detection In Urban Areas By Sar Imagery. (Article)
Author: Babak Mansouri      Masanobu Shinozuka      Roger Ghanem     
page:      769 - 777