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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 08

Dispersion In Sediment -Laden Stream Flow. (Article)
Author: Chiu-On Ng     
page:      779 - 786
Green'S Functin For Mixed Boundary Value Problem Of Thim Plate. (Article)
Author: Norio Hasebe      Xian-Fang Wang     
page:      787 - 794
Semiactive Control Strategies For Mr Dampers: Comparative Study. (Article)
Author: Shirley J Dyke      Laura M Jansen     
page:      795 - 803
Multicomponent Model Of Reinforced Concrete Joints For Cyclic Loading. (Article)
Author: J. M Reynouard      F Fleury     
page:      804 - 811
Probabilistic Failure Analysis Of Transversely Loaded Laminated Composite Plates Using First-Order Second Moment Method. (Article)
Author: T. Y Kam      S.C Lin     
page:      812 - 820
Analysis And Implementation Of Resilient Modulus Models For Granular Solids. (Article)
Author: E Taciroglu      K. D Hjelmstad     
page:      821 - 830
Nonlinear Analysis Of Moderately Thick Laminated Rectangular Plates. (Article)
Author: K. K Shukla      Y Nath     
page:      831 - 838
Active Pulse Sructural Control Using Artificial Neural Networks. (Article)
Author: J. C Lee      Shih-Lin Hung      C. Y Kao     
page:      839 - 849
Effect Of Block Size And Joint Geometry On Jointed Rock Hydraulics And Rev. (Article)
Author: P. H. S. W. Kulatilake      Bobhuti B Panda     
page:      850 - 858
Weighted Integral Sfem Including Higher Order Terms. (Article)
Author: Hyuk-Chun Noth      Chang-Koon Choi     
page:      859 - 867
Closed - Form Solution For Reinforced Timoshenko Beam On Elastic Foundation. (Article)
Author: Jian-Hua Yin     
page:      859 - 867
General Carryove Matrix Of Plane Rod Loaded Perpendicular To Its Plane. (Article)
Author: R Artan     
page:      875 - 878
Wind - Induced Peak Bending Moments In Low - Rise Building Frames. (Article)
Author: Michael Kasperski      Mircea Grioriu      Massimiliano Gioffre     
page:      879 - 881
Three-Dimensional Elasticity Solutions Of Laminated Annular Spherical Shells. (Article)
Author: Jyh-Yeuan Lo      Chih-Ping Wu     
page:      882 - 886