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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 09

Stability Analysis Of Composite-Plate Foundation Interaction By Mixed Fem. (Article)
Author: Mehmet H Omurtag      Ali N Dogruoglu     
page:      728 - 936
Crack Propagation In Flexural Fatigue Of Concrete. (Article)
Author: Subramaniam V Kolluru      Edward F O'Neil      John S Popovics     
page:      891 - 898
Model For Dynamic Analysis Of Wood Frame Shear Walls. (Article)
Author: David W Dinehart      Harry W Shenton Iii     
page:      899 - 908
Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis For Shallow-Water Wave Contorl. (Article)
Author: Nikolaos D Katopodes      Brett F Sanders     
page:      909 - 919
Elastic-Plastic Model Of Pinned Beams Subjected To Impulsive Loading. (Article)
Author: Medhat K Boutros     
page:      920 - 927
Poro-Damage Approach Applied To Hydro-Frature Analysis Concrete. (Article)
Author: Eric Bourdarot      Jean-Pierre Bournazel     
page:      937 - 943
Microplane Model M4 For Concrete. I: Formulation With Work-Conjugate Deviatoric Stress. (Article)
Author: Ignacio Carol      Ferhun C Caner      Zadnek P Bazant     
page:      937 - 943
Microplane Model M4 For Concrete. Ii: Algorithm And Calibration. (Article)
Author: Ferhun C Caner      Zadnek P Bazant     
page:      954 - 961
Fracturing Rate Effect And Creep In Microplane Model For Dynamics. (Article)
Author: Zadnek P Bazant      Ferhun C Caner      Mark D Adley     
page:      962 - 970
Large-Strain Generalization Of Microplane Model For Concrete And Application (Article)
Author: Zadnek P Bazant      Mark D Adley      Ignacio Carol     
page:      971 - 980
Thermoelastic Stability Of Two Bonded Half Planes. (Article)
Author: Dale G Karr      Kevin Oditt      Derek T Schade     
page:      981 - 985
Pullout Response Of A Smooth Fiber With An End Anchorage. (Article)
Author: C Sujivorakul      A. M Wass      A. E Naaman     
page:      986 - 994
Performance Evaluation Of Elastoviscoplastic Concrete Model. (Article)
Author: Kaspar J Willam      Hong D Kang     
page:      995 - 1000