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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 11

Development Of Four-Node Membrane Element Containing Central Circular Hole. (Article)
Author: A. K Soh      Z. F Long     
page:      1115 - 1119
Torsional Surface Wave In Nonhomogeneous Anisortropic Medium Under Initial Stress. (Article)
Author: A. M Prasad      A. K Gupta      S Dey     
page:      1120 - 1123
Effect Of Aggregate Size On Attenuation Of Rayleigh Surface Waves In Cement-Based Materials. (Article)
Author: Joseph O Owino      Laurence J Jacobs     
page:      1124 - 1130
Tranisient Dynamics Of Stochastically Parametered Beams. (Article)
Author: C. S Manohar      Sondipon Adhikari     
page:      1131 - 1140
Vibration Of Vehicle On Compressed Rail On Viscoelastic Foundation. (Article)
Author: D. Y Zheng      F. T. K Au      Y. K Cheung     
page:      1141 - 1147
Buckling Of Delaminated Composite Beams With Shear Deformation Effect. (Article)
Author: Yeoshua Frostig      Izhak Sheinman     
page:      1148 - 1155
Generalized Differential Quadrature For Frequency For Rotating Multilayered Conical Shell. (Article)
Author: Khin-Yong Lam      Hua Li     
page:      1156 - 1162
Unified Approach To Probabilistic And Possibilistic Analysis Of Uncertain Systems. (Article)
Author: R. S Langley     
page:      1163 - 1172
Optimum Sensor Placement For Structural Damage Detection. (Article)
Author: Z.Y Shi      S. S Law      L. M Zhang     
page:      1173 - 1179
Transient Behavior Of Complex Aeraulic Or Hydraulic Networks Including Centrifugal. (Article)
Author: Y Gervais      G Mariaux     
page:      1180 - 1188
Equivalent Viscous Damping For A Bilinear Hysteretic Oscillator. (Article)
Author: R Pratap      C. K Reddy     
page:      1189 - 1197
Bridle Sling Lifting Of Elastic Beam. (Article)
Author: C. Y Wang     
page:      1189 - 1197
Second-Order Axial Deflections Of Imperfect 3-D Beam-Column. (Article)
Author: J. Dario Aristizabal-Ochoa     
page:      1201 - 1208