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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2000 Volume number : 126 Issue: 12

Buckling Of Long Orthortropic Plates Including Higher-Order Transverse Shear. (Article)
Author: Ulf Nyman      Johan Gustafsson     
page:      1209 - 1215
Structural Damage Detection From Modal Strain Energy Change. (Article)
Author: Z. Y Shi      S. S Law      L. M Zhang     
page:      1216 - 1223
Statistical Analysis Of Fragility Curves. (Article)
Author: Toshihiko Naganuma      M. Q Feng      Masanobu Shinozuka     
page:      1224 - 1231
Asymmetric Collapse Modes Of Pipes Under Combined Bending And External Pressure. (Article)
Author: E Corona      S Kyriakides     
page:      1232 - 1239
Updating Structrual System Paramter Using Frequency Response Data. (Article)
Author: Philp D Cha      James P Tuck-Lee     
page:      1240 - 1246
Modeling Interactive Buckling Of Plate Structures Using Special Elements. (Article)
Author: Madjid Zeggane      Srinivasan Sridharan     
page:      1247 - 1256
Unsymmetrically Loaded Cylindrical Tank On Elastic Foundation. (Article)
Author: Kwan-Hee Lee      Moon-Hee Nam     
page:      1257 - 1261
Three-Dimensional Mean Velocity Analysis Of A 30 Degree Bend Flow. (Article)
Author: Ferdous Ahmed     
page:      1262 - 1272
New Light On Response Of Linear System Subjected To Random Nonstationary Filtered Inputs. (Article)
Author: G Falsone     
page:      1273 - 1286
Nonlinear Static Procedure For Fragility Curve Development. (Article)
Author: Ho-Kyung Kim      Maria Q Feng      Masanobu Shinozuka     
page:      1287 - 1296
Influence Of Reinforcing Bars On Shrinkage Stresses In Concrete Slabs. (Article)
Author: Cynthia Wu      Victor C Li      Jun Zhang     
page:      1297 - 1300
Unilateral Buckling Restrained By Initial Force Supports. (Article)
Author: Sanjay Govindjee      Wayne M Falk     
page:      1301 - 1302
Simulation Of Dynamic Liquid Pressure For Tuned Liquid Damper. (Article)
Subject: Simulation , Dynamic , Liquid , Dampers
Author: Jing Lu      Ying Jia      Hong-Nan Li     
page:      1303 - 1306
Modal Analysis Of Linear Asymmetric Nonconservative Systems. (Article)
Author: Donald L Cronin     
page:      1307 - 1310