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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 01

Analysis Of Acoustic Surface Waveguide For Ae Monitoring Of Concrete Beams. (Article)
Author: Hong-Liang (Roger) Chen      Yidong He     
page:      01 - 10
Effects Of Preloading On Brittle Solids. (Article)
Author: Sunil Karnawat      S Yazdani     
page:      11 - 17
Experiments On Vertical Turbulent Plane Jets In Water On Finite Depth. (Article)
Author: Ching-Tsau Hsu      Jun Kuang      Huihe Qiu     
page:      18 - 26
Random Field Modeling Of Elastic Properties Using Homogenization. (Article)
Author: Marc A Maes      Lue Huyse     
page:      27 - 36
Influence Of Fibers On Drying Shrinkage Of Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composite. (Article)
Author: Jun Zhang      Victor C Li     
page:      37 - 44
Torsional Analysis For Prestressed Concrete Multiple Cell Box. (Article)
Author: Yi Tang      Chung C Fu     
page:      45 - 51
Nonlinear Dynamics Of A Harmonically-Excited Inelastic Inverted Pendulum. (Article)
Author: Keith D Hjelmstad      Eric B Williamson     
page:      52 - 57
Wavelet Transform Analysis Of Open Channel Wake Flows. (Article)
Author: James N Watson      Kevin B Murray      Paul S Addison     
page:      58 - 70
Time-Dependent Analysis Of Shear-Lag Effect In Composite Beams. (Article)
Author: Luigino Dezi      Fabrizio Gara      Graziano Leoni     
page:      71 - 79
Suppression Of Bridge Flutter By Active Deck-Flaps Control Systems. (Article)
Author: Krzysztof Wilde      Piotr Omenzetter     
page:      80 - 90
Stochastic Finite-Element Analysis For Elastic Buckling Of Stiffened Panels. (Article)
Author: E. F Siragy      L. L Graham     
page:      91 - 100