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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 03

Surface Roughness Effects In Near-Bed Turbulence: Implications To Sediment Entrainment. (Article)
Author: C. L Dancey      P Diplas      A. N Papanicolaou     
page:      211 - 218
Turbulence Measurement In Nonuniform Open-Channel Flow Using Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter. (Article)
Author: Y.M Chiew      T. Song     
page:      233 - 241
Response Spectrum Superposition For Structures With Uncertain Properties. (Article)
Author: I. D Gupta      R. G Joshi     
page:      233 - 241
Buckling Of Column With Base Attached To Elastic Half-Space. (Article)
Author: T. M. Atanackovic      R. B Maretic     
page:      242 - 247
Solutions Of Complete Circular Cylindrical Shell Under Concentrated Loads. (Article)
Author: Kuan-Chen Fu      Dafan Ren     
page:      248 - 253
Axisymmetric Buckling Of Reddy Circular Plates On Pasternak Foundation. (Article)
Author: C. M Wang      Y Xiang     
page:      254 - 259
Response Of Elastic Continuum Carrying Multiple Moving Oscillators. (Article)
Author: L. A. Bergman      B. Yang     
page:      260 - 265
Behavior Of Sloped-Bottom Tuned Liquid Dampers. (Article)
Author: Dorothy. Reed      Harry Yeh      S. Gardarsson     
page:      266 - 271
Fictitious Crack Propagation In Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beams (Article)
Author: John Forbes. Olesen     
page:      272 - 280
Plasticity Model For Concrete Under Triaxial Compression. (Article)
Author: S. J Pantazopoulou      Iswandi Imran     
page:      281 - 290
Damage Quantification In Metal Matrix Composites. (Article)
Author: Anthony R Venson      George Z Voyiadjis     
page:      291 - 299
Estimation Of Laboratory Wave Reflection By A Transfer Function Method. (Article)
Author: Shutang Zhu      Allen T Chwang     
page:      300 - 304
Green'S Function For An Infinite Elastic Plate On Winklwer'S Foundation (Article)
Author: Roman Solecki      Xianbing. Liu     
page:      305 - 308