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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 04

Effect Of Dispersion On Multiple Cracking Of Cement Composites (Article)
Subject: Fiber-Reinforced Composites , Multiple Cracking , Fiber Dispersion
Author: Y. Akkaya      Surendra P Shah      Bruce Ankenman     
page:      311 - 316
On Edge Stresses Control In Strengthened Rc Beams With Frp Strips ; Adhesive Layer Profile Effect (Article)
Subject: Reinforced Concrete Beams , Fiber -Reinforced Plastics , Adhesive Lyer Profile Effect
Author: O Rabinovitch      Y. Frostig     
page:      317 - 325
Analytical Study Of Porous Wave Absorber (Article)
Subject: Porous Wave Absorber , Analysis Of Wave Reflection
Author: Shutang Zhu      Allen T Chwang     
page:      326 - 332
Bucling Of Cylindrical Tunnel Liners (Article)
Subject: Buckling Of Cylindrical Tunnel Liners
Author: J. G. A Croll     
page:      333 - 341
Modeling Cover-Cracking Due To Reinforcement Corrosion In Rc Structures (Article)
Subject: Modeling Cover-Cracking , Rc Structures , Reinforcement Corrosion
Author: S. J Pantazopoulou      K.D. Papoulia     
page:      342 - 351
Extreme Value Of Response To Nonstationary Excitation (Article)
Subject: Extreme Value Of Response , Nonstationary Excitation
Author: George Michaelov      Loren D Lutes      Shahram Sarkani     
page:      352 - 363
Direct Tensile Tensile Tests On Concretelike Materials;Structural And Constitutive Behaviors (Article)
Subject: Concretelike Materials , Constitutive Behavior
Author: G Rosati      M.P. Natli Sora     
page:      364 - 371
Postbuckling Of Elastic Beams Considering Higher Order Strain Terms (Article)
Subject: Postbuckling Of Elastic Beams , Strain Measurement
Author: A. Khamlichi      L. Elbakkali      A. Limam     
page:      372 - 378
Application Of Riemann-Green Functions On Solving Linearized Saint-Vanant,S Equations (Article)
Subject: Riemann-Green Function Method
Author: Tzong-Yih Hwu     
page:      379 - 381
Imperection-Sensitive Overall Buckling Of Single-Layer Lattice Domes (Article)
Subject: Imperfection Sensitivity , Single-Lyer Lattice Domes
Author: Shinichi Yamada      Akiko Takeuchi      Y Tada      Kazutoshi Tsutsumi     
page:      382 - 386
Boundary Element Simulation Of Size Effect For Quasi-Brittle Materials By Using One-Size Specimen (Article)
Subject: Boundary Elements Methods. , Quasi-Brittle Materials
Author: Q Meng      T Zhang      Shanyi Du     
page:      387 - 390
Time-Dependent Poromechanical Responses Of Saturated Cylinders (Article)
Subject: Saturated Cylinders
Author: L Cui      Y Abousleiman     
page:      391 - 398
Interfacial Stresses In Beams And Slabs Bonded With Thin Plate. (Article)
Subject: Slabs Bonded , Thin Plate
Author: Hui-Shen Shen      J. G Teng      J. Yang     
page:      399 - 406