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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 07

Multiscale Analysis Of Multiple Damage Mechanisms Coupled With Inelastic Behavior Of Composite Materials (Article)
Subject: Multiscale Analysis , Inelastic Behavior , Composite Materials
Author: George Z. Voyiadjis      Babur Deliktas      Elias Aifantis     
page:      636 - 645
Avalanche Statistics Of Interface Crack Propagation In Fiber Bundle Model: Characterization Of Cohesive Crack (Article)
Subject: Avalanche Statistics Of Interface , Propagation In Fiber , Characterization Of Cohesive Crack
Author: Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot      Arnaud Delaplace      Stephane Roux     
page:      646 - 652
Three-Dimensional Micromechanics-Based Constitutive Framework For Analysis Of Pultruded Composite Structures (Article)
Subject: Three-Dimensional Micromechanics-Based , Analysis Of Pultruded Composite Structures
Author: Rami M Haj-Ali      Hakan Killic      Abdul-Hamid Zureick     
page:      653 - 660
Effective 3d Constitutive Relations Of Composites With Evolving Damage (Article)
Subject: Effective 3d Constitutive Relations , Evolving Damage
Author: Anthony A. Caiazzo      Francesco Costazo     
page:      661 - 666
Reinforcement Of Elastic Structures In The Presence Of Imperfect Interfacial Bonding (Article)
Subject: Reinforcement Of Elastic Structures , Interfacial Bonding
Author: Robet Lipton     
page:      667 - 671
Thermomechanical Behavior Of Thermoviscoelastic Solid During Dynamic Crack Propagation (Article)
Subject: Thermomechanical Behavior , Crack Propagation
Author: Siyuan J. Shen      James D. Lee     
page:      672 - 677
Mode I Fracture Behavior In Concrete: Nonlocal Damage Modeling (Article)
Subject: Mode I Fracture Behavior , Damage Modeling
Author: Liberato Ferrara      Marco Di Prisco     
page:      678 - 692
Three-Dimensional Modeling Of Anchorage Zones In Reinforced Concrete (Article)
Subject: Three-Dimensional Modeling , Reinforced Concrete
Author: K. Lundgren      J. Magnusson     
page:      693 - 699
Thermal Cracking Of Viscoelatic Asphalt-Concrete Pavement (Article)
Subject: Thermal Cracking , Viscoelatic Asphalt-Concrete Pavement
Author: Weixin Shen      David J. Kirkner     
page:      700 - 709
Role Of Microscopic Physicochemical Forces In Large Volumetric Strains For Clay Sediments (Article)
Subject: Role Of Microscopic Physicochemical Forces , Clay Sediments
Author: Matthew T. Anderson      Ning Lu     
page:      710 - 719
Quantification Of Doublet Vector Distribution Of Granular Materials (Article)
Subject: Quantification Of Doublet Vector , Granular Materials
Author: L.B. Wang      J.D. Frost      J.S. Lai     
page:      720 - 729
Simulated Micromechanical Models Using Artificial Neural Networks (Article)
Subject: Simulated Micromechanical Models , Artificial Intelligence
Author: Rami Haj-Ali      David A. Pecknold      Jamshid Ghaboussi      George Z. Voyiadjis     
page:      730 - 738
Framework For Finite-Element-Based Large Increment Method For Nonlinear Structural Problems (Article)
Subject: Framework For Finite-Element-Based , Nonlinear Structural Problems
Author: Amjad J. Aref      Zaoyang Guo     
page:      739 - 739