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Magazine Name : Asce: Journal Of Engineering Mechanics

Year : 2001 Volume number : 127 Issue: 10

Granular Dynamics Simulations Of Heap Formation: Effects Of Feed Rate On Segregation Patterns In Binary Granular Heap (Article)
Subject: Granular Dynamics Simulations Of A 2d Heap , Surface Avalanching Manifesting Kinetic
Author: L Smith      J Baxter      U Tuzun     
page:      1000 - 1006
Micromechanical Analysis Of The Shear Behavior Of A Granular Material (Article)
Subject: Distinct Element Method (Dem) , Initial Density
Author: S Masson      J Martinez2     
page:      1007 - 1016
Material Flow Analyses Of Noncircular-Shaped Granular Media Using Discrete Element Methods (Article)
Subject: Discrete Element Methods , Flow Of Particular Media In A Routing Drum
Author: G. G. W Mustoe     
page:      1017 - 1026
Large Scale Discrete Element Modeling Of Vehicle-Soil Interaction (Article)
Subject: Mechanics Of Granular Media , Deformation Soil Model
Author: David A Horner      John F Peters2      Alex Carrillo     
page:      1027 - 1032
Computations Of Granular Flow And Pressures In A Flat-Bottomed Silo (Article)
Subject: Flow Patterns , Discrete Element Methods
Author: A. M Sanad      J. Y Ooi2      J. M. F. G Holst3     
page:      1033 - 1043
Numerical Aspects Of Fe Simulations Of Granular Flow In Silos (Article)
Subject: Finite-Element Simulation Of Granular Flow , Numerical Aspects Lead To Consequences
Author: Thorsten W. R Keiter1      Guenter A Rombach     
page:      1044 - 1050
3d Finite-Element Simulation Of A Square Silo With Flexible Walls (Article)
Subject: 2d Approach , Axisymmetric 2d Model
Author: Dominique Guines      Eric Ragneau      Brahim Kerour     
page:      1051 - 1057
Finite-Element Modeling Of Filling Pressures In A Full-Scale Silo (Article)
Subject: Finite-Element Analysis , Filling Pressures Alone
Author: J.F Chen      J. Y Ooi      J. M Rotter     
page:      1058 - 1066
Discharge And The Eccentricity Of The Hopper Influence On The Silo Wall Pressures (Article)
Subject: Analysis Of Pressure Distributions , Ansys Program
Author: F Ayuga      M Guaita      C.C. Beard      A Couto     
page:      1067 - 1074
Modeling Nonspherical Particles Using Multisphere Discrete Elements (Article)
Subject: Axisymmetrical Partical , Overlapping Spheres
Author: J. F Favier      M. H Abbaspour-Fard      M Kremmer     
page:      971 - 977
Sample Size Effects On Constitutive Relations Of Granular Materials-A Numerical Simulation Study With Two-Dimensional Flow Of Disks (Article)
Subject: Flow Of Granular Materials , Computer Simulations
Author: Hayley Shen     
page:      978 - 986
Micromechanic Formulation Of Macroscopic Structures In A Granular Medium (Article)
Subject: Viewed As A Heterogeneous Continuum , Deviatoric Loading Displays Structures
Author: Neil Gaspar      M. A Koenders     
page:      987 - 993
Fabric Evolution Of Ellipsoidal Arrays With Different Particle Shapes (Article)
Subject: Fabric Evolution Of Ellipsoidal Arrays , Triaxial Compression Loading
Author: Tang-Tat Ng     
page:      994 - 999